Coming from a Mauritian family, getting acquainted with spicy food early on in life is a rite of passage.

Our fridge and cabinets are filled with at least 10 different kinds of chilli in its various forms – powders, sauces, confits and dried.

Spicy instant noodles are also a fondness of mine, from Pot Noodle’s Bombay Bad Boy to Mine Apollo with a packet of chilli flakes inside.

When I watched a video of famous YouTuber, Matt Stonie, devouring 15 packs of Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles (and struggling to hold down the heat), I had an insatiable urge to try them out for myself.

I bought a red pack of the 2x spicy hot chicken flavour off Amazon.

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Below are the contents of said packet.

You have your standard wheat flour noodles, slightly thicker than your average ones, a packet of roasted sesame seeds and laver (edible seaweed), and the el diablo game changer – a large sachet of thick black chilli sauce for the soup base.

Quivering in fear at the sight of the fiery packet

Having boiled the noodles, added some salad leaves and a couple of boiled eggs to the base for a relatively healthy meal, I emptied in the treacle-like sauce.

Some dripped on the counter and I dipped my finger in it for a taste.

Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. I coughed slightly.

Swirling the mixture together until the soup turned red, I had my first slurp.

‘The inferno hit me’

Don’t stare at it for too long

It was delicious and the flavour was deep and strong… but then the inferno hit me.

My teeth felt numb and my throat closed up as the lava trickled down into my stomach.

I had some of the boiled egg which hadn’t been covered in sauce to even out the taste, but that did little to subside the circus in my mouth.

Wheat noodles, sesame seeds and volcanic chilli sauce

Not wanting to relinquish at my first forkful, I had another and another, trying to contain the pain.

Eventually, after eating half a bowl I gave up, feeling disappointed in myself.

My body felt numb, especially my fingers. My insides were hot as was my face. I was fanning myself down with my hands at one point.

Nevertheless, it was tasty while it lasted.

The next day I felt a sharp pain in my left ear whenever I touched it, which worsened as the day went on.

By evening it was hurting so much that I felt I’d contracted an ear infection.

It hurt when I opened my jaw and my hearing from that side had become impaired, so I applied a couple of drops of olive oil to hopefully alleviate the block and pain.

Over the weekend I still couldn’t hear well out of my left ear and some ringing had started.

I Googled my case and found that a video blogger had experienced similar symptoms after having eaten killer spicy noodles from Indonesia.

My mouth was on fire by this point

No doubt they were more potent than my ones, but he had also experienced temporary deafness and was sweating profusely afterwards.

The chilli loosened up the mucous membranes in my nose and throat, and blocked up my Eustachian tubes, giving me the sensation of not being able to hear properly.

Fortunately, the pain and partial deafness subsided after three days, and I definitely know my limit now.

If you wish to try these noodles of death, you can find them online, but do so at your peril.

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