June 15, 2021



Kate and Rio Ferdinand lock their cupboards to stop kids gobbling all the sweets

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Fitness fanatics Kate and Rio Ferdinand may have bodies that many of us can only dream of, but it turns out they have bad snacking habits just like us mere mortals.

The former England centre-back has revealed his loud chewing drives his children and wife crazy and they’ve compared the sound to that of a washing machine.

“She [Kate] hates loud eating, and for some reason [at home] they call me ‘the washing machine’ as I eat so loud,” the former Manchester United star said.

He went on to reveal it’s not just Kate who get irritated, saying: “My boys get the hump and will move seats – they actually put music on now [to drown the sound out]!”

Football pundit Rio Ferdinand revealed his wife Kate says he sounds like a ‘washing machine’ when eating and he has to lock sweet treats away in cupboards in a candid chat about their life behind closed doors

The sportsman married former Towie star Kate in 2019 after two years of dating and welcomed their first child together, baby son Cree, in December 2020.

The happily married couple’s household also includes Rio ‘s three children from his first marriage to Rebecca Ellison, who passed away in 2015.

The normally private footballer has given an insight into life inside the Ferdinand home, admitting he has to hide treats from his children.

“My boys love sweets, so if there’s sweets about, I actually put a lock on the cupboard door,” the England legend revealed.

“Sometimes I come down at certain times and the door is open with wrappers everywhere and I’ll ask, who has done this? And they will both say, not me!”

And it’s not just the young ones who annoy Rio – wife Kate also manages to wind the former footballer up too when it comes to snacking.

Rio Ferdinand holding a football with a green background.
The former England footballer and TV pundit has been taking part in a number of snack experiments as part of a new film with Peperami

Kate and Rio Ferdinand on the Toy Story red carpet.
The former Manchester United star has been giving fans an insight into his private family life and their snacking habits

The family man revealed his pet peeve when it comes to sitting on the sofa and watching football or a film with his wife.

He added: “You know when you’re watching something on Netflix or whatever, and you get all your snacks out on the table – normal people [points to himself], finish one snack and then move onto another.”

He continued: “I then look to Kate and she has gone through every single snack we have and reverts back to the beginning again!

Katie and Rio Ferdinand with children with their faces covered by emojis
Kate and Rio Ferdinand got married in a dream ceremony in Turkey back in 2019

“For instance, she has a sweet with a crisp and then some nuts with some sweets – and I was like what is going on here!”

The 42-year-old was speaking on camera as part of a new film dubbed ‘Ban the Bland’ .

It shows the former England centre-back try an array of classic British snacks such as crisp sandwiches, jellied eels and instant noodles wedged between two slices of bread.

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