A vegan vending equipment was recently installed at the Hillingdon Hospital in London. The equipment is a collaboration involving vegan food corporation Lively Vegan and vending machine business Open up Kitchen Co. Vibrant Vegan—which sells foods throughout the Uk by means of its subscription plan—will fill the vending devices with 18 meals, which can be microwaved or cooked inside of of the machine in four minutes or significantly less. Every single food expenses up to £4.95 ($6.44) and is designed to maintain Nationwide Health Support (NHS) workers—who are at this time functioning prolonged shifts thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—energized and nutritious. 

“As we all know, the NHS has been carrying out an amazing job of maintaining the place afloat during this horrible pandemic, and it is been a satisfaction to collaborate with Open up Kitchen Co. to attempt and make a difference—we’re self-confident the partnership is heading to improve the top quality of NHS personnel meal plans across the nation,” Vivid Vegan founder Iain Burke-Hamilton reported

The vending equipment is the first of 500 devices Vibrant Vegan ideas to install in hospitals throughout the United kingdom by 2023. 

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