There are a million diverse types of flatbread in the world and I have never met one I did not like. Moldovan plachyndy, typically built with kefir or buttermilk, wrapped all around herbs and pan fried in a lot of oil South Asian roti, produced with wholemeal flour, best for scooping up thick sauces piadine from Romagna, super slender, laced with olive oil and best folded and crammed with ham and cheese lavash (a model of which can be located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey), gentle when new, brittle when dried, and traditionally cooked by slapping it towards the walls of a clay oven.

Griddled, baked or fried leavened with yeast or baking powder neatly spherical or craggy and imperfect – they entire a meal, not just for the reason that they deliver an usually welcome (in my reserve) carb aspect, but for the flavour they provide also. A milky naan brushed with melted ghee and studded with nigella seeds is not just a automobile for mopping up sauces it’ll be a person of the most delectable items on the table, all sweet and smooth and pillowy.

For these flatbreads, which sit somewhere among a plachyndy, a piadina and a pita, I followed the very same concepts as my normal pizza dough recipe (an tailored Jamie range) but made use of a combination of flours, with a bit of texture coming from the rye. The yeast then receives activated with honey relatively than sugar, and I have utilized a bit long gone-above yoghurt for the fat, fairly than olive oil. It helps make the breads seriously springy and tangy.

Either provide them as a nibble, piping incredibly hot, getting every person to tear and dunk into the vinegar, or alongside loads of other items – a great tomato salad, barbecued spicy sausages and aubergines, or a mound of roasted tenderstem broccoli tossed in lemon and garlic.