London’s Chinese restaurant scene is wonderfully varied and host to everything from delicate dim sum to perfectly fluffy bao and blissfully slurpy noodles. With more variety of Chinese restaurants than ever before, there’s no longer any need to settle for toned down Western interpretations of classic Chinese dishes.

Whether you’re in search of new flavours or comforting classics, tasty offerings are available in swanky central London restaurants and no-frills noodle bars alike. From 12-course dining experiences that reimagine old favourites to stripped back settings offering authentic dishes that are true to tradition, there truly is something for all tastes.

Here, we urge you to forgo the fluorescent sweet and sour from your local chippy and upgrade your dinner plans today with our round-up of the best Chinese restaurants in London.

1) A. Wong

chinese restaurant london

David Cotsworth

Andrew Wong’s eponymous restaurant sees traditional Chinese dishes honoured in the most creative and delicious way possible. Despite its Michelin accreditation, this upscale restaurant offers flavourful, excellent quality food at reasonable prices.

Much more than just a modern dim sum joint, to get the full experience we thoroughly advise trying Wong’s curated 10-course ‘Taste of China’ menu which showcases the best of regional cuisine, including mouth-watering Shanghai dumplings and succulent Yunnan seared beef. Combine this culinary journey with sterling, attentive service (your tea cup will never be empty) and you’ve got the A. Wong experience.

Location: 70 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1DE


2) Hunan

chinese restaurant london

Paul Winch-Furness

Choice is overrated, and no one knows this better than Hunan. Menus don’t exist at this Pimlico restaurant, with diners instead being prepared 12 or 18 courses as decided by Chef Peng. In a true test of trust, you’ll only be asked if you don’t like anything and what level of spice you can handle. However, if there’s anyone you can afford to trust it’s Chef Peng.

Food is heavily influenced by Taiwanese cooking, with a number of other dishes hailing from the restaurant’s namesake Hunan, where Chef’s mentor was from. A true dining experience unlike any other, while past dishes have included crispy frogs’ legs and a warming minced pork broth, whether you’ll be lucky enough to sample these particular plates on your visit is another question. With tailored options available to meet the needs of vegans and those with food allergies or intolerances, there’s no reason for anyone to skip out on a trip to this exquisite Chinese restaurant.

Location: 51 Pimlico Rd, London SW1W 8NE


3) HUŎ

best chinese restaurants in london

Charlie Mckay

Though this airy Chelsea restaurant is the new kid on the block, you’d never know from HUŎ’s effortless delivery of quality food and service to match. Having opened in June 2021, this stylish spot boasts a carefully curated selection of Asian dishes with thoughtfully balanced flavours that are sure to impress.

Start with their sweet, crisped lamb in lettuce and spicy scallops for a refreshing yet hearty beginning to your meal. For mains, their wok-fried kam heong prawns, saucy pak choi and crispy shredded chilli beef make an excellent accompaniment to moist, well seasoned stir-fried beef fillet in spicy black pepper sauce and steamed rice. Equally, if you’re after a lighter main then their duck salad will put you in good stead. Paired with watermelon, mint and cashew nuts, the mint cuts through the meatiness of the duck to make for a zingy and tasty treat. A crisp lychee martini pairs well, balancing out the sweeter notes of each dish.

Plates are seasoned to enhance the natural flavours and textures of meat here, with each offering a different delicate taste. Reasonably priced, of excellent quality and with generous portions, HUŎ will quickly become your new favourite haunt.

Location: 9 Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ


4) Etles

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With a unique and delicious cuisine, Uyghur food melds elements of Middle Eastern dishes with Chinese. Having since expanded from their Walthamstow location to open a new venue near Cricklewood, Etles is a reliable restaurant go-to to have in the bank. A family run joint where everything is perfectly seasoned and nothing is oily, you’ll be hard pushed to find a Chinese restaurant in London where food quality and service comes close.

Promising authentic food that will either take you back to Xi’an or introduce your palate to new and distinct flavours, we advise going in a group and ordering their large plate of spiced chicken for the table. Other menu highlights include their tender lamb skewers and stir fried leghmen noodles (hand pulled noodles topped with peppers, onions and meat). Certainly the best Uyghur restaurant in London, Etles are experts at fusing flavours that will make you leave wanting to book in your next visit immediately.

Locations: 235 Hoe St, London E17 9PP and 424 Finchley Rd, London NW2 2HY


5) Gold Mine

All tastes are well catered to at this no-nonsense Chinese restaurant. Located in Queensway, though with a new Chinatown location on the way, Gold Mine is best known for its signature roast duck. Best enjoyed off the bone in a large group, individual portions of their classic roast duck are also on offer, along with a lengthy menu featuring Cantonese specials, dim sum and even a selection of Thai dishes.

While the duck is a clear standout and a must for any visitors, we strong advise going in a group of friends where you can sample as many different plates as possible. Fast, tasty, and making a compelling case for the best roast duck in London, you will not leave disappointed.

Location: 100-102 Queensway, London W2 3RR


6) Xi’an Impression

Xi’an Impression is a beloved Highbury restaurant known for its classic Shan Xi street food that includes hand pulled noodles and authentic Chinese beef burgers. Portions are generous and prices are reasonable, with our top pick being their Xi’an biang biang noodles that come in a special chilli sauce with tender chunky beef.

Located directly opposite Arsenal’s football stadium, whether you’re a football fan or not, Xi’an Impression is a safe bet for a decent meal. While the interior is a fairly simple white-walled deal, it’s the food that you really come here for. If you needed another reason to justify a visit, it’s BYOB (for a small corkage fee), and while bookings aren’t available you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a spot.

Location: 117 Benwell Rd, London N7 7BW


7) Yauatcha

chinese restaurants london

Assad Dadan

Despite its effortlessly stylish setting, Yauatcha makes fine dining thoroughly accessible, with reasonable prices for Michelin star quality food. A celebration of Cantonese cuisine, dim sum makes up the restaurant’s main offering and is served throughout the day, though they have a number of different menu options tailored to several price points.

For those looking for something a little more luxe, we recommend treating yourself to their Harmony menu which includes two dim sum, an appetiser, a wok dish, a side and dessert per person. You might have to roll yourself home but you’ll be so glad you did. Special mentions must be given to their perfectly flaky venison puffs and steamed pork and prawn shui mai, though we’re confident that whatever you order here will go down a treat.

Locations: 15-17 Broadwick St, London W1F 0DL and Broadgate, London EC2M 2QS


8) Mao Chow

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Though set in a small Hackney venue, this restaurant is full to the brim with character. Meat-eaters need not be put off by their exclusively vegan offering, with their authentic yet fresh take on Sichuanese classics making for a delicious meal that anyone who appreciates good food will enjoy.

If you can get past the relatively small setting, you are in for a culinary treat. Each dish has been thoughtfully constructed, with layers of considered flavours coming together in harmony. We must insist you try their meaty veg dumplings if you visit, and be prepared for spice and pure delight in equal parts.

Location: 159A Mare St, London E8 3RD


9) The Red Duck

chinese restaurants london


A recent opening in south west London’s Balham is the Red Duck, a quaint eatery off the main high street with a terrace outside and casual seating inside.

Priding itself on expertly sourced ingredients (duck from Northern Ireland, British beef), the contemporary menu offers a a modern twist on classic Chinese dishes. Must tries include the aubergine and tofu in black bean sauce, the three mushroom fried rice, char siu pork and panko prawn balls snack starter. The flavours are strong and aromatic, and if you’re good with spice there are plenty of options to satisfy the fiery taste buds too like the sweet chilli fries and sichuan vegetable dumplings. The menu is smaller than a classic Chinese restaurant but still with ample choice for vegetarians and vegans.

A long-awaited cool, modern Chinese restaurant with super attentive and friendly staff has arrived in south west London.

Location: 1 Ramsden Rd, London SW12 8QZ


10) Min Jiang

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Min Jiang is Royal Garden Hotel’s suave white tablecloth Chinese restaurant. Promising spectacular views and even better food, this tenth floor Kensington restaurant is a treat for the senses, with flavours perfectly balanced throughout dishes.

The dish to get here is their famous Beijing duck, roasted in a wood-fire oven and expertly carved by attentive gloved waiters. However, their extensive menu (including dim sum) means that all palates are well tended to here. For the times where you’re willing to spend a bit more for a memorable meal on a special occasion, Min Jiang has to be one of our top picks.

Location: 2-24 Kensington High St, London W8 4PT


11) Royal China Club

There’s a reason Royal China have five restaurants across London, and it’s down to their excellent food. With locations in everywhere from Baker St to Fulham, we favour The Royal China Club venue for its convenient location in the heart of the city, sitting between Baker Street station and Selfridges. As the name suggests, this is Royal China’s more luxe offering, serving up refined interpretations of classic dishes.

Though a large restaurant, dining here feels more intimate and is the perfect place for a special meal. Fresh Chinese style seafood and high-quality dim sum are reimagined at Royal China Club, setting it apart as one of the best Chinese restaurants in London. If you’re not trying their dim sum then firm favourites include their lobster or steamed eel.

Location: 40-42 Baker St, London W1U 7AJ


12) Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Since its opening, HaiDiLao Hot Pot has proved a popular pick amongst tourists and locals alike. However, for those seeking a hot pot meal with more ambience and more reasonable queues, Happy Lamb is our top pick.

With a sleek and simple interior, this Holborn restaurant delivers affordable and moreish food that will ensure it soon becomes your go-to for hot pot. Offering a huge selection of meats, seafood and vegetable options, diners are given the option of spicy or mild broths depending on tastes. Their lamb skewers and fresh dumplings are standouts here, though with high-quality ingredients across the board, we’re certain that whatever dish you order will go down well.

Location: 2 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1AD


13) Silk Road

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As with most decent restaurants, the food is the real selling point at Silk Road. With a majority of dishes from Xinjiang, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more authentic Chinese restaurant.

Reasonably priced and with a simple interior, our menu highlights at this no-frills joint have to be their stir fried aubergine, crisped lamb skewers and spiced double cooked pork. Reliable, fast, and always popular, this is one place it’s wise to book ahead for.

Location: 49 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8TR


14) Bun House

chinese restaurant london

Bun House

A short walk from Leicester Square, as you might’ve gleaned from their name Bun House specialise in perfectly fluffy steamed buns. One of Chinatown’s favourites, while this might not be the most ornate restaurant you visit, it will certainly be one of the most delicious. This is the perfect spot for grabbing a quick lunch, or even a takeaway bun if you’re on the go.

We recommend picking up their classic char sui pork belly Pig Bun that they’re known for, though tasty extras like Cheung Fun and curried fish balls have also recently joined their offering. Still, you can’t beat a classic, and this is the spot to have it. Those with a sweet tooth might choose to round off their experience with a custard bun – just be wary of drips!

Location: 26-27 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA


15) Ma La Sichuan

chinese restaurant london

Ma La Sichuan

Westminster’s Ma La Sichuan is a sleek restaurant that promises diners the flavours of Sichuan. With a lengthy menu on offer you’re spoilt for choice here, though their soft shell crab and siu mai (pork and prawn dumplings) are personal menu highlights. The meat is excellent quality across the board, coming through in dishes like their perfectly tender and well seasoned beef flank. Whatever you’re craving you’re bound to find something on Ma La Sichuan’s menu to hit the spot.

Location: 37 Monck St, London SW1P 2BL


16) Dumplings & Baos

chinese restaurants london

Dumplings & Bao

Exactly what it says on the tin, Dumplings & Baos specialise in perfectly doughy baos and delicate dumplings. While they have an extensive menu, this is one place it clearly makes sense to try dumplings at, with our top pick being their deliciously rich lobster dumplings and their king scallop and prawn equivalent.

This is also one of the few Chinese restaurants in London that offers a BYOB option (with a corkage fee of just £2.50), making for a nice little bonus on top of what is already a pretty sweet deal.

Location: 31 Clapham Park Rd, London SW4 7EE


17) Fei Er Cottage

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A hidden gem near St James Park, Fei Er Cottage is a good all-rounder Chinese restaurant which offers remarkable value for money. For those looking to have their fill and then some, they have an unlimited dim sum offer, as well as unlimited Chinese BBQ and hot pot deals.

At just £18.99, their dim sum menu is our go-to, offering a number of classics like char siu buns and pork siu mai which can be ordered in batches of three. While all you can eat perhaps isn’t the most glamorous, Fei Er Cottage does it well. Hearty without compromising on quality, this certainly isn’t a restaurant you’ll leave hungry from.

Location: 37 Strutton Ground, London SW1P 2HY


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