Looking for a fresh start and a new, rewarding and colourful life?

If you’re thinking about immigrating to the United States to get a taste of your very own American Dream, then you’ve likely already done a bit of research into the Immigration process. It’s overwhelming to say the least, with a great deal of hurdles one must overcome before being considered able to immigrate.

All that being said; if you hire the right Immigration Lawyers, the entire process will be made a darn-sight easier as they will surely guide you through it every step of the way. An initial consultation will give you the opportunity to tell your Immigration Lawyers your story, and what your goals are.

Following that they will be able to work with you in devising a plan, demonstrating what your options are. Then it’s just a case of getting to work and doing it! It’s a long process, though one that is certainly not without reward!

But, before you worry about any of that, you should probably settle on a destination! Where would you like to live? The United States of America is a truly gargantuan country, with so many different places to choose from. In an effort to help you narrow down your search we are going to make a suggestion.

In this article we will explore 6 reasons why San Francisco would be an excellent choice, for a fresh start and a new life in the land of the free.

1 – Its Progressive Culture

It’s no secret that San Francisco was the birthplace of gay rights, during the 60’s counterculture movement; reinforcing the fact that this great city is open to everyone, from all walks of life. It is a forward-thinking city full of all sorts of people, boasting a vibrant and diverse cocktail of culture.

2 – Endless Career Opportunities

San Francisco has a booming economy and is a huge player in the tech industry, along with its neighbour: Silicon Valley. If you happen to be a tech-head then great, though you don’t have to be so in order to find work or enjoy a good quality of life there.

The cost of housing and the like is rather expensive in comparison to other parts of America, though it’s all relevant to the earnings that are available. There is of course, much to consider before making such a move, though the amount of opportunity and money to earned definitely make San Francisco worth considering.

The US Immigration process will certainly be made easier if you’re able to secure yourself work before making the move. Perhaps it will be worth looking into what jobs are available to you?

3 – The Beautiful Scenery

Many of you will be leaving your home countries behind, each irrefutably boasting their own unique beauty. There will be much that you will miss, though fortunately San Francisco has some truly spectacular natural scenery for you to enjoy.

From the Muir Redwood and Mount Tamalpais; to the gorgeous Angel Island and Sigmund Stern. There is so much to do in the way of hiking and exploring outside of the city, though for those who don’t plan to venture far; there are plenty of stunning natural parks for you and your family to explore inside the city.

4 – Not too Hot, not too Cold

I don’t know how the weather is from where you’re from, though San Francisco has a mild climate that will suit people from all climates. You won’t have to face the harsh winters of Alaska or worry about being too hot in the summer as you would in Florida. Sure, you’ll face your share of fog and rain, though for the most part San Francisco is a wonderful place to live; particularly for those immigrating with the desire to live in a balanced climate.

5 – Plenty of Decent Places to Eat

For most people looking to migrate from their home countries, their chief concern is whether or not they’ll be able to get hold of some decent food. Fear not, San Francisco has an incredible culinary scene with a diverse range to choose from.

You’ll be able to satisfy your home cravings, while being able to explore a whole new world of tantalising tasters. Hopefully this news will have alleviated any concerns you had about immigrating to America; if there’s one thing they have plenty of its diverse eateries.

6 – Amazing Art Scene

Whatever your reasons for wanting to immigrate to the United States, there are many bonuses that can be enjoyed while you’re at it. For example, San Francisco has a spectacular Arts and Music Scene. You can explore anything from their world-renowned Orchestra, a vibrant collection if urban street art, the San Francisco ballet and much, much more.

There is literally something to pique all interests – yet another great reason to chose San Francisco as your destination when starting a new life and migrating from your home country.

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