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The perfect movie night isn’t complete without the right snacks. Movie nights are where friends and family gather together to enjoy a great film, so it’s important to have delicious treats that can be enjoyed by everyone. While there are many different options out there, you’ll want to consider what works best for your group before you settle on something.

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, movie snacks in Singapore are now consumed at home instead in the cinema. Should you be hosting a movie marathon anytime soon, here are the best snacks to keep you and your buddies through the binge:

1. Hotdogs.

Hotdogs, which are best served in sliced buns topped with relish or ketchup and mustard have been pleasing moviegoers since the early 1930s. While they are more popularly served in ball games and outdoor events, hotdogs prove to be delectable snacks when watching movies.

You can serve hotdogs on sticks or as sandwiches to keep you full throughout the movie night.

2. Popcorn.

When it comes to movie snacks in Singapore, there’s no debate about what the best choice is: popcorn! Popcorn has been known as a go-to for decades because not only does this salty and buttery treat make you feel at home in your favourite theatre; even those who don’t usually enjoy watching movies can’t resist.

This snack gives everyone that warm fuzzy feeling inside – something we may never be able to explain why or how. But we just know it’s there when devouring buckets full of crunching popcorn from the concession stand. 

And yes, popcorn gives the same feeling of being in the cinema even when you’re watching movies at home.

3. Fries.

French fries are a delicious and iconic dish that has been enjoyed for years because of their greasy, salty taste. French fried potatoes were first introduced to Americans in the 1930s- they quickly became popularised by movie theatres who would serve them alongside other comfort foods like mashed potatoes or hotdogs with mustard on top.

4. Nachos.

Nachos are a favourite food at the movies, especially with moviegoers who want something that’s juicy and cheesy. When you take your first bite into these Mexican treats from scratch or crunch on some nacho chips to get started in the right mood for whatever flick awaits inside – there’s no wrong way!

5. Candies.

Meanwhile, if you want to serve something sweet during movie night, then the top choice is chocolate candy. Bite-sized, crunchy on the outside yet filled with soft chocolate inside – this is snack food at its best!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more fruity experience when watching a movie (or would want a palate refresher), other types of candy, such as Skittles and Twizzlers would do the job.

6. Pizza.

Pizza is an excellent food to serve for movie nights. It appeals to everyone’s tastes, making it ideal for sharing. You also save the time preparing it since you can have one delivered right into your doorstep.

Sure, pizza can be messy thanks to the gooey cheese and other toppings, but this doesn’t matter when you are binge watching at home.