Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches are the perfect way to kick off your day! Deli ham, swiss cheese and scrambled eggs, layered between a flaky, buttery croissant. Plus they’re a great make ahead breakfast!

2 stacked croissant breakfast sandwiches on a table.

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissant

Fluffy scrambled eggs, savory deli ham and melty swiss cheese make the filling for the utterly scrumptious and easy breakfast sandwich. Protein packed, filling and delicious – they are the perfect grab and go breakfast.

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Why You’ll Love this Breakfast Sandwich Recipe:

  • CHEESY: Layer on some of your favorite sliced cheese, for that ooey-gooey bite!
  • SAVORY: Ham and scrambled eggs provide a super satisfying filling.
  • MAKE AHEAD: These little lovelies freeze well and are perfect for breakfast meal prep.

These delicious breakfast sandwiches are guaranteed to get everyone up in the morning!

stacked croissant breakfast sandwich halves on a baking sheet.

How to Make Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  1. For the scrambled eggs, whisk your eggs in a skillet and season.
  2. Layer ham, scrambled eggs and cheese onto your sliced croissants and top with the other half of the croissant.
  3. Bake for 15 mins.
  4. Allow to cool slightly, serve and enjoy!
step by step photos for how to make croissant breakfast sandwiches.
bitten croissant breakfast sandwich leaning on another sandwich.
What is a croissant?

A croissant is a buttery, flaky, layered French pastry in the shape of a crescent moon.

Can I put a different type of egg in croissant breakfast sandwiches?

Yes, you can! If you’re worried about scrambled eggs slipping out of your sandwiches, feel free to scramble the eggs and then cook them into a flat, single layer. You can also use fried eggs.

What type of ham should I put in a croissant breakfast sandwich?

You can put any kind of deli-sliced ham into your croissant sandwiches. I like maple honey ham for a touch of sweetness or smoky ham if I’m going more savory. You could also use cooked bacon or sausage patties.

How can I make croissant breakfast sandwiches spicy?

To make these sandwiches spicy, use hot sauce! I like Frank’s RedHot, but you can use your favorite brand.

Serving Suggestions

These croissant sandwiches make for a great grab and go breakfast on their own, but you can certainly make it more of a meal with some of these breakfast treats:

Perfect for a quick weekday breakfast or a lazy weekend brunch treat, breakfast croissant sandwiches are the way forward!

croissant breakfast sandwich on a table.
4 croissant breakfast sandwiches on a baking sheet.

Make Ahead Instructions

You can fully assemble these sandwiches up to 1 day in advance. Store them in the refrigerator and reheat in a 350°F oven for 15 minutes.

Storage Instructions

Store leftover fully assembled croissant breakfast sandwiches in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 day. Store components in separate airtight containers for up to 3 days. Assemble and bake in a 350°F oven for 15 minutes.

Freezing Instructions

These sandwiches make a great freezer meal. Once they have cooled, place the sandwiches on a baking sheet and freeze overnight. Then, transfer to an airtight container or Ziplock bag for up to 6 weeks. To reheat from frozen, wrap 1 sandwich in a damp paper towel and microwave on high for 4-5 minutes, or until heated through, or wrap in aluminum foil and bake in a 450°F oven for 15-20 minutes.

Sandwich Variations

These sandwiches are endlessly customizable. Try some of these swaps:

  • Bread: Use English muffins, bagels, or tortillas instead of croissants.
  • Eggs: Use fried eggs instead of scrambled, or try scrambled tofu!
  • Meat: Use cooked bacon or sausage patties in place of the ham, or try deli-sliced turkey!
  • Cheese: Use your favorite kind of cheese for a totally custom sandwich.
  • Veggies: Add lettuce, tomatoes, or spinach.
  • Spice: Add hot sauce to make them spicy!
bitten croissant breakfast sandwich on a table.

Warm, cheesy, buttery, savory and a delight in every bite – croissant breakfast sandwiches are pure morning joy! Easy to make and a great make ahead recipe, these protein packed sandwiches are a great way to start your day.

If you make this recipe be sure to upload a photo in the comment section below or leave a rating. Enjoy!


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