Eco tourism has developed within the last 20 years. Issues like global warming and endangered species have put our ecosystem under threat. This has led the nature lovers to come together to preserve and conserve the environment that we live in. Companies organizing holidays are concerned that their vacation tours are posing a harmful impact on the nature.

Tourists are encouraged to keep a check on the effects their holidays have on the environment and the local people of the area as well. In simple words, having a sense of responsibility towards the environment while we travel is Eco tourism. Sense of responsibility is playing your role in conserving the environment and maintaining the well being of those who live in the area in question. It is all about exploring nature while keeping its natural beauty intact.

An Eco tourism holiday can be a walking holiday, an animal conservation holiday, a desert tour and more. When one is on an Eco tourism holiday they should take a step forward to preserve the environment and acknowledge the local cultures and customs. For eg; while on a holiday you may be staying in in a house built with both local and natural materials by the local people so the jobs are supported by the townsfolk.

There are many hotels and agencies who offer comfortable Eco tourism holiday packages. Every traveler should respect the country they are traveling and staying in. Many resort hotels who support Eco tourism have cost cutting facilities like using energy saving devices, such as automatic lights and water saving measures that keep costs low. Another major trend in hotels worldwide is that there is a set time period for washing laundry or unless the customer requests a wash done if needed.

Eco tourism also includes relief measures like rehabilitation activities after a natural disaster or helping neighborhoods with conservation projects. Some travel foundations also encourage tourists to purchase local food and products which in turn will help the local people to earn a decent living.
Some examples of the wide array of choice are:

There are several countries who provide Eco tourism holiday packages. An Australian company offers wildlife adventures and courses in Australia and South Africa. It caters for outdoors, nature, wild life and conservation of the environment.

An organisation in the UK Specializes in Safari Field Guide Training and Wildlife Courses in Africa. Ecology expeditions is based in UK and offers adventure learning expeditions and professional development adventure courses.

A Brazil based company, offer rafting expeditions, surfing schools, trekking, diving, windsurfing for individuals and small groups in Florianopolis and Santa Catarina.

An environmental aware tour operator stationed in Cancun, Mexico. They offer eco tours to the amazing Maya World in the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond. Different activities include biking, bird watching, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, visit to archaeological sites and more.

Company based in United States is are the leading Eco tourism travel providers and considered an expert in the world of adventure & experiential travel. Adventure travel includes activities like hiking, biking, diving, and multi-sport tours. Experiential travel includes activities like cultural, expedition cruising, wildlife safari and culinary tours.

An Eco tourism holiday experience can make a real difference in the area you are out to help and at the same time you will have a feeling of self satisfaction that will stay with you forever.

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