April Fool! It’s the day of the year when fake news is celebrated and people across the UK try to catch everyone out with ridiculous stories and pranks. Each year companies try to out-do each other with students designed to trip up the unwary.

This year’s crop include an app that stops Millennials spending their money on Netflix or gym memberships, an accidental burger giveaway and a new dating service for Keto fans. There is also a candle that smells of festivals and beetroot that won’t leave a stain.

Here are some of the April Fool gags and pranks we’ve spotted, so you can dodge the pitfalls today.

Hoverboards launching at Currys

Yes, you’ve heard it right, Hoverboards that fly up to 4ft in height just landed at Currys!

Thanks to ground-breaking new HovAir® technology, the new hoverboards are designed to get people from A to B without having to battle traffic on the daily commute.

The Currys hoverboard has been uniquely designed to allow riders to get the perfect experience while flying around the streets of the UK.

Coming in a range of multiple colours, the hoverboards are looking like being one of this summer’s hottest trends, and are already flying off the shelves.

Customers can find out more about Currys range of hoverboards via the link here.

Ketchup and mustard banned

Everyone’s favourite Italian-American restaurant, Frankie and Benny’s has today announced that it is banning guests from using any condiments and is removing them from all of its restaurants across the UK.

As of today Frankie & Benny’s is shaking up its dine-in offering, with guests no longer finding traditional condiments – including ketchup, mayonnaise or even salt and pepper – at their tables or even available to request when they sit to dine.

Instead, they’ll find “No Condiments” signs dotted around restaurants alongside an all-new menu which includes a message that reads “Please note this is a No Ketchup Zone – we do not have condiments in restaurants from the 1st April”

And for those thinking about ‘dipping’ into their pockets or bags and using their own sauce, don’t bother. Staff across all 96 Frankie & Benny’s restaurants will be confiscating any condiments seen, returning them to guests as they leave the restaurant.

These new measures are being taken to encourage people to relish the moment and enjoy the true flavour of some of the restaurant brand’s latest dishes including Southern Fried Chicken starter, Chicken & Prawn Alfredo and Halloumi Wrap.

Pineapple on pizza banned

The age-old pineapple on pizza debate has officially come to a head; Deliveroo has today announced that it will ban pineapple on all pizza ordered from the food-delivery platform. The decision is being backed by a cohort of top Italian restaurants on Deliveroo including Pizza Express, Pizza Pilgrims and Bella Italia, who support the move to put a stop to orders of ‘Hawaiian’ style pizzas.

Deliveroo’s move to scrap the dish from the app comes following a recent study by Yougov, which revealed Italians believe adding pineapple to pizza is not just unacceptable but practically a crime against Italian cuisine.

The controversial topic of pineapple on pizza has sparked a wide debate on social media for many years, with people on Twitter suggesting that if 2020 had been a pizza, it would have had pineapple on it. Back in 2017, British Chef Gordon Ramsay also publicly claimed that pineapple does not belong on pizza. He wasn’t wrong.

Surprisingly, Deliveroo has revealed that Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the most popular days for customers to order Hawaiian pizza, which proves that pineapple pizza eaters love to break tradition. Despite this, the company wants to nip it in the bud before the scandalous food-affair escalates further, no matter the appetite for the debatable combo.

Deliveroo’s Chief Business Officer for the UK and Ireland, Carlo Mocci, is supportive of the decision. Mocci said: “As a proud Italian, I am passionate that pineapple does not belong on a pizza. With more than 160,000 restaurants available to order from on our app, there are millions of different meals to choose from that do not involve putting pineapple on pizza. It’s great to see multiple leading Italian restaurant partners take a stand against the food faux-pas.”

Whatsmore, despite the name of the dish, the origin of pineapple on pizza did not come from the US island state of Hawaii, it came from Canada; which comes as no surprise that the Canadian President Justin Trudeau admitted to being “team pineapple”. A decision he might regret considering some of the UK’s most-loved Italian restaurants back the ban.

Jane Treasure, Food and Beverage Director from Pizza Express said, “Deliveroo is banning the Hawaiian? No problem. It’s been banned from our menu for the last 6 years! The Padana is a fab sweet fix for those who fancy that kind of thing though, thanks to the delicious caramelised onion and goat’s cheese topping.”

Joss Mostert, Marketing Director from Bella Italia said, “Deliveroo banning the Hawaiian is no problem because if you are on Team Pineapple, we just don’t think we can be friends! Swap over to the right team and try our Pepperoni that is the perfect pizza every time. You won’t regret it and we won’t judge you!”

James & Thom Elliot, Founders of Pizza Pilgrims said, “Putting pineapple on Neapolitan pizza is basically considered a crime in Naples. Most of our pizza chefs are from Naples and safe to say they are not fans! We fully support Deliveroo’s decision to ban pineapple on pizza and make a stand for proper pizza!

Free Whoppers

Following a technical issue last night burger lovers are in for a tasty treat as Burger King UK mistakenly issued thousands of free Whopper coupons to app users nationwide.

Customers should check their Burger King app to see if they are one of the lucky ones who have benefited from the technical glitch.

Burger King® UK are working to fix the technical issue but have said it could take at least 24 hours, so customers have until midday tomorrow (Saturday 2nd April) to take advantage of the error and claim their free Whopper.

As a result of the app glitch, Burger King UK estimates thousands of guests nationwide will be able to redeem a free Whopper.

Bread diffuser

Subway have bottled the alluring smell of their bread, freshly baked in-store, to help homeowners sell their properties within seconds.

It’s a well-known trope that the smell of freshly-baked bread will lure buyers when selling your home – and so today Subway have announced a revolutionary new gadget that will deliver the fragrance at the touch of a button.

Subway’s ‘Eau de Dough’ room diffuser captures the notes of a perfectly baked Hearty Italian Sub. The state-of-the-art gadget releases a mouth-watering, room-filling vapour in under 0.25 seconds.

The enticing Subway scent has been bottled in-store to perfectly encapsulate the smell of everyone’s favourite Subs and sell homes within seconds.

A Subway spokesperson said “Customers love us for our delicious, freshly baked bread, so we’re delighted to be able to share our in-store aroma as a takeaway scent. Whether you need help selling a property or simply love the smell, ‘Eau de Dough’ is the must have gadget.”

Pot pizza

Pot Noodle and Papa Johns has joined forces to create the dream duo we never knew we needed – yep, we give you… the Pot Pizza!

In one of the boldest flavour mash-ups of all time, Pot Noodle will be offering a fresh take on some of the most popular Papa Johns pizzas, pairing them with three infamous Pot Noodle flavours – Bombay Bad Boy, Chicken & Mushroom and Beef & Tomato. Get your Pot Noodle fork out because this freshly baked collab is expected to cause quite the stir!

Head of Product Development at Pot Noodle, Daisy O’Farllop, said: “For the first time in Pot Noodles’ 43-year history, consumers will be able to combine our deviously-delicious noodles with a Papa Johns Pizza. Life is too short to have to choose between a Pot Noodle and a pizza – with this new range, you can have both!

Floyd Pasolari, Research & Development Lead at Papa Johns, said: “Ingredient innovation is at the heart of our menu, and we’ve worked hard to ensure the ‘Pot Pizza’ menu is the perfect balance of Pot Noodle’s much-loved flavours and our best-selling pizzas.

“Following the recent success of our ‘Beeza’, ‘Hot Dog’ and ‘Christmas Dinner’ pizzas, we’re excited to give pizza lovers yet another combination that is bound to turn heads.”

Video call insurance

In response to increasing customer demand, specialist insurers Ceta and InsureMy are launching Video Call Cover to protect those working from home from a range of frustrating and embarrassing incidents.

The insurance provides cover for a range of common video call risks, including, ‘you’re on mute’ interruptions from children, pets and deliveries as well as insurance for reputational damage such as embarrassing freeze frames, unflattering camera angles and bad hair days.

The insurance has three different cover levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. All packages cover muting and interruptions as standard, while with the Silver package, there is the added benefit of cover for sharing the wrong screen, sneezing and Wifind Me Some Signal. In the event of complete Wifi and signal loss, policyholders with this courtesy WIFI replacement service benefit will be taken – along with all their equipment – by chauffeur to the nearest area with a reliable signal until their own WIFI is fully restored.

Gold Video Call Cover customers will benefit from everything in the Silver policy plus exclusive access to the ‘Everything’s Fine’ package; a suite of customisable filters and tools including:

  • Interruption detection – AI technology automatically detects, mutes, and erases any unwanted sounds and images created by children, partners, or pets in the background
  • Accidental nudity filter with automatic clothing upload – protect your modesty and ‘cover up’ – choose from a range of predesigned outfits or from a selection from your own wardrobe for added plausibility
  • Bad hair day/root detection – on-trend styles and colours created by leading stylists are automatically superimposed onto your image if bad hair is detected
  • Spot/blemish recognition with cover-up filter – to disguise any imperfections
  • Emergency stop – camera and microphone are automatically turned off and replaced by ‘library pictures’ of you listening intently if the sounds of going to the toilet or making a cup of tea are detected to ensure complete discretion

April Firstday, head of Video Call Insurance said: “Even though restrictions are now lifted, working from home has become the new normal for millions of people in the UK, which means video calling is now a part of our everyday working lives.

“And while joining meetings online from the comfort of our own homes has its advantages, it also comes with a huge amount of risk, from accidentally muting yourself when you had a really good point to make, to children interrupting, pets walking across the screen or keyboard, or the doorbell going at an inconvenient moment.

“There are also a huge number of reputational risks to be considered, such as unflattering freeze frames, bad hair days and unfavourable lighting, right through to more severe risks such as forgetting to get dressed or leaving the microphone on while you are in the loo.

April concludes: “That’s why we have launched our Video Call Cover, to give those working from home the confidence to join a video call knowing that any technical or down-right humiliating incidents will be covered.”

To celebrate the launch of Video Call Cover, Ceta Insurance and InsureMy are offering a £50 voucher for the best embarrassing freeze frame shared on Twitter or FaceBook using the hashtag #cetavideocallcoverstar and tagging @cetainsurance.

Pet translator

Barking mad about your pet and want to know what they’re thinking? Moonpig is here to make the impawsible pawsible with its new pet translator feature. YES, this really is fur-real you will soon be able to translate your pets bark or meow, meaning they can now put paw to microphone and record a message to their owner.

Launching in April 2022 exclusively on the app, the innovators at Moonpig have developed the new Moonpets feature working alongside a pet psychologist to help decode the hidden meaning behind those attention seeking cries. Whether it’s a high-pitched howl or sharp and sweet cry, Moonpig’s pet psychologist has managed to translate their sounds so that their loving messages can now be transferred into a large selection of cards ‘From the Pet’. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, these cards from your four-legged friends will be more personal than ever before.

The new app feature launched after Moonpig has seen a pawsome 260% increase in card orders ‘From the Pet’ in the last two years, with data analysts at Moonpig citing lockdown and the increase in pet ownership as a reason for the dramatic rise in card sales in this sector.

Peter Donlon Chief Technology Officer at Moonpig commented: “We knew that it was going to be a woof ride trying to create the technology to decode the meaning behind our pets’ cries, however after seeing such high sales in the from the pet cards sector we were determined to take up this opp-pawtunity and revolutionise the way we communicate with our furry friends.

The new pawsome feature is a mutt-umental move for the Moonpig app and we hope our four-legged customers will enjoy letting their owners know how they feel. We’re confident that this new app will have a paw-sitive impact on the way our humans and pets interact with each other – we just hope there’s no argument over who picks up the bill at the end of the order.”

Crying cabinet for offices

A soundproof cabinet for weeping at work has launched, meaning workers can now escape from the everyday drama of office life in a human sized Cryling Cabinet.

8 out of 10 people have shed a tear in the workplace; and this new product by office furniture retailer Furniture@Work, provides a unique take on the standard filing cabinet. It provides employees a safe place to hysterically cry when their boss has sent yet another “have you done your timesheets?” email or HR refused a month-long holiday request.

From the outside, you might think this is a run of the mill filing cabinet but open the doors and you’ll discover a sanctuary for the stressed-out, a haven from the ‘had enoughs’. The Cryling Cabinet is a discreet space to hide away from the stresses of everyday office life.

Key features include:

Sound (and scream) proof walls

Bean bag bawler

Pick-me-up vending machine

Tear removal tissues

‘Occupied’ light

Floofsto by Gousto: a new gourmet recipe box for pets

Today, recipe box Gousto has announced its furriest new venture, Floofsto by Gousto. Designed in collaboration with leading vets, the chefs at the recipe box have created a whole new range of gourmet plates for the modern-day pet.

We’re a certified nation of animal lovers, and Gousto knows that when it comes to our furry friend’s tastes, kibble isn’t going to cut the mustard. Floofsto is a foolproof way to get tails wagging at tea time.

Perhaps it’s their birthday, or you’re teaching your precious pooch some table manners. From the everyday, to the high days and holidays, your favourite family member can now choose from pet-friendly salads, roast dinners and boujee lip-smacking burgers.

All dishes meet the recommended standards of nutrition and of course, pet safety. Options to customise your recipes mean that even the fussiest feline will be purr-fectly satisfied. Plant-based pets are catered for too, with vegan options aplenty.

The world’s first toilet for the Metaverse

Leading bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing is launching the world’s first toilet in the metaverse this April to give its users the ultimate bathroom experience. Nicknamed the ‘Meta Loo’, this digital bathroom will be accessible from the 1st April for all your necessary personal hygiene needs, all without the hassle of those pestering toilet queues.

Victorian Plumbing will be the first-ever company to break into the virtual world of plumbing. If you’ve ever had to experience the lack of bathroom spaces available while you’re navigating throughout the wacky world of the metaverse; you will find Victorian Plumbing’s unique ‘Meta Loo’ a real positive “PUSH” of a choice, leaving your VR experience for a toilet break – Victorian Plumbing has you covered.

No longer will you face the real unpleasant situation by missing out on valuable virtual time by constant bathroom breaks now that both you and your virtual selves can go for a number one (or two, no judging), in the Meta Loo.

Joe Pascoe, Chief Marketing Officer at Victorian Plumbing, said: ‘At Victorian Plumbing, when it comes to bathrooms, we’re serious. No matter how big or small, virtual or not, our mission is to elevate any bathroom experience. We’re proud to be launching the world’s first loo in the metaverse and continue to expand our product range beyond the physical.’

Fish and Chip ice cream

Nothing says a trip to the seaside more than the real quintessential British tastes and smells, so much so that Haven has brought them to life in four new ice cream flavours this summer!

From the waft of fish and chips in the sea breeze to the leading UK holiday company Haven has undertaken research from its guests as to which sensational seaside flavours they want to taste and try in ice creams this year.

The four new flavours of ‘Stick of Rock’, ‘Slushie’, ‘Fish and Chips’ and, yes ‘Seaweed’ will be on sale in Haven’s pop-up Seaside Treats for the summer. So, if you want to cool down on a hot summer’s day but still want your favourite seaside treats – then look no further! Whether you want to take a trip down memory lane with our classic sugary sweet Stick of Rock or get taste buds tingling with our mouth-watering Slushie option, there’s a seaside scoop for everyone.

“We like to offer our guests a range of new products and flavours each year and following some guest research we’ve been working hard to see if we could bring their favourite tastes and smells of the seaside to life,” said Gerard Tempest, Chief Marketing Officer for Haven. “There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and you’ll be tempted even by the blend of sweet and saltiness in the Seaweed flavour!”

The pop-up Seaside Treats are available at 10 Haven parks and the new flavours will be out in time for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations – what could be better than the most authentic of British cuisine to celebrate? You’d be foolish not to try it!

Carbonated chicken Tango

Tango welcomes three new takeaway flavours to its range as Brit’s desire for takeaways skyrockets. The pandemic saw households spend on takeaways increase by over 40% but it appears the trend is here to stay as demand shows a taste for takeaways outlasts Covid lockdowns.

Inspired by some of Brit’s most loved takeaway foods, Tango has combined its traditional orange flavour with three British takeaway staples, including carbonated chicken, which gets that fresh out the fryer crispy crunchy flavour. Designed to tickle the tastebuds and deliver the ultimate in tangy refreshment, the new takeaway cans aim to cater for those who love the great taste of Tango, combined with their favourite takeaway.

Ray Patterson, Brand Director at Tango commented: “We’ve seen a huge amount of our customers enjoy a cheeky Tango with their takeaway, and a survey we conducted shows 58% of 18-34 year olds regularly pair food with soft drinks to enhance flavour[5]. So, we thought why not offer it all in one can, and marry together our classic Tango taste, with three firm takeaway favourites. We hope Tango fans will enjoy all their fast food favourites in delicious Tango-y liquid form”.

Fans can get their hands on the new Tango flavours in all major supermarkets.

100% Liquid Plaid Handwash

ARRAN Sense of Scotland has found the answer to a conundrum that’s baffled bath and body care product developers for years – by creating a TARTAN handwash that holds its pattern when squeezed from the bottle.

Launching just in time for Tartan Day (6th April), the new handwash reflects the brand’s Scottish heritage and is available to buy from 6th April 2022 for £16 at https://arran.com/products/tartan-hand-wash. Customers can sign up for early access from 1st April 2022.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Sales Director, Andrew Russell said: “We often joke that we’re Scottish inside and out, and that if you cut us open, you’d see tartan, now you can say the same goes for our handwash.

“We wanted to create something that embodies us as a brand and our product experts have been working on the development of this one for years. We believe it’s totally unique.

“Getting the technical specifications right hasn’t been an easy job, what we had to do was create horizontal stripes that hold their line when squeezed out of the tube, we did this by making a very viscous version of our existing formulas. It’s kind of a halfway house between solid and liquid soap. We’ve paired that with a special nozzle that feeds the horizontal lines through as it’s pushed down to create the tartan pattern.

“We’re really pleased with the final result, but we don’t want to give anything away and spoil the surprise when you see it for the first time.”

Card Millennials can’t use on Netflix

A new savings scheme is launching today with the aim of helping frivolous millennials cut down on unnecessary spending including Netflix, sausage rolls and takeout coffee in order to save for their dream home.

The SacrifISA, launched by online specialist mortgage broker, Haysto, comes in response to Kirstie Allsopp’s motivational comments, suggesting that millennials need only give up their “eastJet, coffee, gym and Netflix” lifestyle to get themselves on the property ladder.

With the tagline “Stop complaining. Start a SacrifISA”, the scheme is linked to the user’s debit card and once connected, will help to curb unnecessary spending by blocking attempts to waste precious savings on items including: just about anything with avocado in, gym memberships, takeaway coffee, holidays and Greggs.

Once the purchase has been blocked, the millennial pink card will automatically transfer funds into your SacrifISA account. Users will soon see their savings totting up getting themselves one step closer to the property ladder one oat milk latte at a time.

Haysto CEO and Co-Founder, Jonny Moulton, said: “We all know that soaring house prices and stagnant salaries are not the real reason why young people are struggling to buy their own home. Sausage rolls cost a whopping 0.96p each, while a flat white will set you back at around £2.50 at high street chains. These costs soon add up and with ludicrous spending like this it’s no wonder millions of people are unable to invest in their own property.

“We were inspired by Kirstie’s comments to help millennials reevaluate their spending habits and get them back on track to owning their first home. The SacrifISA is an account designed to put an end to the “treat yourself” mentality behind Generation Rent.”

Festival smelling candle

Ever sat at home watching daytime TV, rain pelting against the window, reminiscing about your favourite festivals you haven’t been able to attend for the last TWO years? Fear not!

The limited edition festival candle from Skiddle, appropriately named ‘Festiv’eau’, has just dropped.

The first in Skiddle’s new line of ‘Live e’scents’ candles , Festiv’eau launches today (April 1st), and is jam-packed with all of the unique, but not always agreeable, scents any festival-lover will need to transport themselves into the field of their dreams.

A limited number of the candles will be released on Skiddle’s website at 12pm, retailing at £30 each, with all proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, the brand’s long-term charity partner.

Name a more iconic festival partnership than the smell of grass stains, pints, burger vans and… portaloos? As the candle starts to burn, those lucky enough to get their hands on one will feel transported to the grounds of their favourite festival. Imagine…

It’s the morning, the sun is shining, everyone is buzzing with excitement and the smell of freshly trimmed grass is wafting through the air. As the day goes on, your stomach starts to rumble. A familiar smell of sizzling, hot, fresh burgers cooking tempts you over to the van. When the sun starts to dip over the horizon, you find yourself queuing up at the bar, chatting to your friends before ordering a pint of lager. And the next morning, when you pop your head outside your tent and you’re ready to take on the day, you notice a smell lingering in your nostrils. It’s not particularly pleasant, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is… Until you pass the portaloos.

Skiddle has confirmed that they are also working on two new scents that will drop later this year. Smells like Teen Spirit, will evoke the memories of student nights, with scents of sickly sweet drinks, burnt pizza, latex, and a slight whiff of puke; and Eau’asis – Cigarettes & Alcohol will transport users to their favourite indie gigs, with smells of stale cider, cigarette fumes, sweat, ending in a taxi ride home (new car smell).Penny Farthing hire

Bike subscription company Swapfiets has today announced the world’s first Penny Farthing monthly subscription service to celebrate 150 years of the first ever bicycle.

After a successful launch in the UK, hassle-free bike subscription company Swapfiets – coined ‘Netflix of bikes’ – is paying homage to cycling’s British routes and adding the “Penny Farthing 7” to its selection of world-class bikes and E-bikes, prompting a resurgence of the classic transport method.

This one speed is a whopping 53 inches (130cm) in size and comes with a custom roller brake, a ring lock + chain lock and hub powered LED light. The iconic bicycle will also receive a further upgrade, courtesy of the company’s iconic bright blue front tyre, which is reinforced and puncture resistant.

Stain-free beetroot

Spring is finally here and as we begin to make the most of entertaining friends and family, many of us are embracing delicious, light salads featuring British beetroot. Now, Waitrose has solved one of the nation’s most frustrating kitchen nightmares by introducing the first stainless variety.

This humble, yet delicious root vegetable, grown by local producers across the UK is recognised for its earthy flavour, versatility, and its vibrant and distinctive colour. The new stainless beetroot from Waitrose enables customers to enjoy all the benefits of this British ingredient, without the danger of staining clothes, hands, plates and worktops.

Beatrice Root, Waitrose Head of Stain Prevention, says; ‘The humble beetroot has long had its reputation tainted due to the fact it stains with its deep purple juice. This has been years in the making as we have been working with growers to produce a new stain-free variety to help this fantastic ingredient get the recognition it deserves.’

Waitrose Stainless Beetroot is available from the 1st April in selected stores and Waitrose.com

Soil-powered lights

Ground-breaking lightbulbs – which are powered purely by nutrients in the soil – will be lighting up gardens across the UK thanks to new ‘Garden Bulb’ lighting now on sale in the UK.

Engineers in the research and development department at lighting specialists 4lite have come up with an innovative new technology that harnesses the energy in soil to power specially-designed lightbulbs, brightening up flowerbeds across the country.

4lite’s new ‘Garden Bulbs’ use organic soil matter to power a special bulb which harnesses electrons released in decomposing soil, creating an electric charge and instant lighting.

Rachel Morris, Marketing Manager for 4lite said: “Soil-powered bulbs are the latest tech to have in your garden, giving the perfect glow and helping you make the most of your outside space, flowerbeds, pots and patios.

“Our engineers and design team have been working so hard on this bright idea, which has been years in the making.

“Simply plant your soil-powered ‘Garden Bulbs’ right next to your spring bulbs and watch them instantly light up your garden.”

Passenger seats for dogs

Honda has launched a brand-new range of front passenger seats for pets, the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat.

On sale from Friday 01 April, 2022, the Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat will be available first, joined later in the year by variants for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and fish. A multi-storey seat for gerbils will follow in spring 2023.

Designed specifically for pets, each seat will ensure animals can get the best view in the car with a full view of the world around them, while being within a paw’s or fin’s reach of their human parent.

The seats will be available either as a factory-fitted option or a retrospective purchase for cars built between April 2017 and March 2022, available through Honda’s dealer network.

The Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat will be available to order immediately. Features include:

  • XXL seat base with scratch-resistant and water-proof material
  • XXL seat bolsters to keep the dog safe in the seat
  • Recessed spill-proof bowl holders
  • Air-con vents built into the seat to keep the dog cool
  • ISOFIX points for dog harness attachment
  • Honda-branded harness

The seat can be customised to suit the dog’s and human’s needs and requirements, with optional extras including:

  • Bowl holder inserts, so a human can use the seat
  • Glovebox treat dispenser with snout-activated button
  • 50/50 split meal/treat bowl
  • In-built squeaker or toy (replaceable) sewn into the seat

Honda has created the seats as in response to driver’s attitudes in recent years – 59% of UK households now own a pet, according to data from Statista.

Honda’s head of Pet Products, Annie Mal, said: “This new option is in response to increased customer demand around travel options for their pets. More than ever, pet owners are looking to take their pets with them when they travel, and we’ve created an option that not only lets them do that but encourages it.

“From driving across the UK and Europe for holidays, to short trips to the shops or a day out, the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat allows owners to be closer to their beloved pet when driving. It also frees up boot space.”

There’s more in the pipeline, too, with the Large or Exotic Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat on course for 2024 delivery, launching with the Horse Co-Pilot Front Seat.


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