Have leftover food? Try pizza eggs today


Leftover foodstuff recipes often are inclined to pull crowds as they are no question quick to whip up and make for a satiating meal. One such recipe that is carrying out the rounds on the web is pizza eggs which combines a couple of leftover rooster parts with eggs for a luxurious breakfast.

The movie, initially shared by Elyse Myers, a information creator, went viral on TikTok, according to reports.

In the video, she can be viewed melting some butter in a pan and then applying some chopped leftover rooster, pepperoni, crimson peppers, and seasonings. She then adds 4 eggs and scrambles them until completely cooked. She then instructs the viewers to insert some cheese and “eat it straight out of the pan”.

She tagged renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay, and said, “@gordongram, what do you have to say about this.”

In a assertion to Fox Information Digital, she mentioned, “This was an first recipe that came from me trying to take in up all the leftovers in the fridge. It variety of progressed around time and then we just ate it so much, we gave it the identify ‘pizza eggs’. The style is form of like having a spicy sausage, egg and cheese scramble.”

There have been several versions of the recipe with leftover pizza pieces, and eggs as a foundation way too.

With eggs as the foundation, a person desires to mix some eggs with marinara sauce, salt and pepper, and then then pour the resulted liquid into a heated pan with butter to make an omelet. When it is 50 % completed, pizza topping like rooster, mushrooms, onions, or pepperoni can be additional. When the egg is cooked, sprinkle some cheese and transfer to a plate.

Would you like to try out?

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