Tips for the Best Ranch Dressing 

Chill the dressing: Chilling the dressing melds and marries all of the flavors so it tastes exponentially better. To ensure you have sufficient chilling time, always make the dressing before you begin prepping salad ingredients. If you only have 30 minutes, pop the dressing in the freezer and then transfer it to the refrigerator after 30 minutes.

Tailor it to suit your personal preferences: The most accurate taste test comes by dipping whatever you’re going to be serving it with instead of a spoon. For example, a lettuce leaf, carrot, etc. For tangier, add additional lemon juice; for more garlicky, add more garlic powder; for a more herb-forward ranch, add extra herbs. 

Use both sour cream and mayo: I don’t recommend using one or the other. The combination of the two results in a creamy, tangy ranch dressing. Too much mayo would result in a gloopy dressing, and too much sour cream would result in a thinner, less creamy, overly tangy dressing. 

Use full-fat ingredients: Obviously you can use Greek yogurt or low-fat versions of the mayo and sour cream if needed, but full-fat sour cream and mayonnaise will result in the creamiest, most flavorful ranch AKA the best ranch dressing! 

Season as needed: If your ranch dressing tastes a little flat, it likely needs more salt and/or pepper. Add a little at a time to avoid accidentally adding too much. 


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