You can make your own carp fishing boilies easily. Making carp boilies and paste is very much like making bread dough or cake mix. The traditional method is to have two parts namely your liquid and your powdered boilie or paste base mixture. These mixtures can be as simple or complex and sophisticated but should be made as potent as possible! This is an insightful guide into the world of beating ready made baits using homemade bait following an intensive 7 years study!

Your liquid mixture can be as simple as liquid whole egg plus other liquids such as flavours and liquid foods and sweetener. The powder part of your bait can be a ready made base mix or a special homemade mixture of your own design but should be made as potent as possible! (Potency is the aspect of your bait substances which ultimately attracts carp and triggers the most intensive feeding response possible!)

Your liquid and powder mixes are mixed together to form a dough from which any kind of shaped baits can be formed. Boilies are called by that name because they are dough which has been boiled to make it last longer in the water and be more resilient. The old thinking used to be that firmer more resilient baits which have been steamed would resist the attention of pest species other than carp. Boilies attract the attentions of pest species whether they are hard or soft or boiled or are paste and in fact there are great benefits to attracting pest species as they attract attention to your baits and create a beneficial competitive feeding scenario that produces more hooked fish!

The liquid and powder parts of your homemade boilies can be formulated in any chosen ways to form very unique or very commonly used recipes. One of the biggest edges in carp fishing is being able to provide carp with a completely new bait experience which gives them least reason to fear. The removal of reasons to fear your bait means you will certainly catch far more fish than if you used bait which carp already know is potentially dangerous by recognizing familiar substances in baits which have hooked them or their brethren previously. One of the massive benefits of making your own homemade baits totally uniquely is removal of familiar substances that carp will feed more cautiously upon, so you can literally create much more confident feeding simply by creating totally unique bait recipes!

Your homemade base may be made from any of a countless number of recipes or combinations of elements of recipes created over the decades by various anglers, and you may choose familiar or totally unique liquid mixture combinations. The choices for creating base mix recipes and liquid mix recipes has exploded in the past 30 years, and there are many substances available today which were not even known or available just a few years ago. Many anglers get confused about one thing namely the issue of food baits versus instant attractor baits.

Food baits are supposed to attract carp over a long period of time when introduced regularly over months or years. Instant attractor baits are supposed to work instantly with no prior baiting to familarise fish to them. Instant attractor baits are really easily identified by carp and for this reason may actually become repellant very quickly within the space of a few sessions. You may get lower numbers of captures on instant attractor baits due to danger associations with instant attractor bait components such a very high level of a particular flavour for instance.

Food baits are meant to have biologically available nutritional value that is digested and assimilated within fish when consumed. As a result carp fulfill certain essential dietary requirements which carp instinctively associate with that bait so that food bait actually becomes a food source by carp recognizing components of food bait and being attracted and stimulated by it by prior association from actual bait consumption.

Carp that are familiarized to food baits can be easier to catch most especially when these baits are introduced as free baits which carp can consume freely in advance with no fear of being hooked. When a food bait has been established by being regularly introduced into a lake over a few days or weeks or months then fish can become accustomed to finding such free bait and often feed with initially at least more confidence and less caution if the bait has been well designed!

Years ago food baits had the edge over low food value instant attractor baits, but in fact due to so many nutritional food baits have been introduced they simply do not work as well because so many nutritional deficiencies are simply not present in many fisheries any longer as so much free bait is constantly introduced. The mass baiting of food baits can actually be a massive negative and negate the benefits that food baits are intended to supply, and indeed many carp fisheries produce very few fish through the colder months now compared to years ago because fish are so lacking in deficiencies and are so over fed that they have no requirement to feed during colder months either side of winter, surviving on internal stores instead!

One simple way of making homemade baits is to realise the fact that proteins act in similar ways to solvent and many natural based flavours in how fish detect them via these substances ionizing the water surrounding the fish or creating a concentration gradient of bait solution which fish home in on. This effect means that you can make homemade baits using the best of both instant attractor and food bait principles and indeed go beyond these and create alternative paradigms as I have evolved for my own use following the past 7 years of full time research testing and many forms of feedback from anglers and professionals of many kinds.

My homemade baits were tested in the main on small fish, using tiny batches of very simply baits so that a massive number of variables were removed in bait testing and during the testing of unique substances, optimum concentrations and levels and combinations to use for the most intensive feeding and most fish hooked. My own view of food baits is that if a bait works best by prior baiting then it is not optimised for water reactivity and not maximised for internal performance in terms of instantly sensitising fish uniquely to your bait.

The fact is that the less free bait that fish consume the more bites you can achieve, so actually the last thing you want is to fill fish up with food baits and hope you get bites before fish appetite diminishes. The sooner you can create an intensive feeding response, preferably an highly aggressive feeding response the more chance you will get multiple big fish captures, and I say big fish as more often than not the warier fish tend to be older and bigger, so getting these fish feeding competitively between one another is a huge edge!

To create this kind of feeding response by sensitising carp to your unique bait creating highly competitive intensive feeding, without filling fish up at all is an aspect of bait design, evolution and application I have focused on primarily for a number of years in my research and bait testing and fishing. In one stage of testing all three different versions of my homemade baits caught five times more fish than established successful ready made food baits called Mainline Cell.

And consider this; my homemade baits are not built upon conventional food bait principles and they do not exploit instant attractor bait principles regarding use of flavours. My own much refined paradigm of homemade bait involves new and different lines of thinking and alternative bait processes and different highly unusual bait approaches which are completely different to any ready made bait.

There are many conventional ways to create boilies, using very conventional recipes and formulations, and many of these will be similar in thought and principles and ingredients etc, to many commercial ready made boilies. But the basics of these baits are near fifty years old and are totally out dated considering what is actually possible today with the right information! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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