Selling food online?

For those of you who are going to enter the culinary business world, especially online-based food, Jejualan has some tips. Here’s how to sell food online for beginners:

1. Determine the type of food you want to sell

The food business is an industry with a fairly broad scope. In our country, Indonesia itself thrives on various types of food business. Starting from the traditional to the western. For that, you should first determine what food you want to sell.

2. Calculating Capital

The next way to sell food online is to calculate the capital that must be spent. Like any other business, the scale of the business you start generally goes hand in hand with the capital you have. For those who are going to start selling food online, you don’t need to spend a large amount of capital.

You can start even from the kitchen at home and offer it to those closest to you.

3. Choosing the Right Business Location

When you decide to go into the business of selling food online, don’t choose the wrong location to sell. Because, the farther away you are from selling, the fewer people will know about your culinary business. Although selling your food is more focused on the online realm, it is not recommended to underestimate the location factor.

If you are targeting students as the target market, it would be better if you open a stall in the campus area. Or, if you want to enter the employee market, you can create a shop not far from the office area. Students and office workers are the two types of consumers who like online food the most.

4. Pay attention to the taste

In addition to technical matters, the taste of the food you offer is also very important. Because in the end, it’s the taste that will make people come back to order food online from you. In the way of selling food online, don’t just serve ordinary food.

If you only serve mediocre food, your business won’t last long.

5. Determine the Target Market

The next tip on how to sell food online is to determine the target market. The target market will greatly affect the food business that you just launched. Determining the target market can also affect the amount of capital you have to spend.

6. Hold Attractive Promos

In the culinary business, there are times when you experience a busy phase and a quiet phase. Therefore, you must know how to get out of this lonely situation. One of them is by holding attractive promos for your consumers.

Promotion is still considered a powerful way of selling food online. The promotions that you provide can of course be very diverse. Starting from discounts, buy one get one free, package promos, and so on.

7. Active on Social Media

In today’s digital era, having social media is a must for culinary businesses. Especially those of you who are in the online culinary business. Because, with social media you can attract more potential customers, without the need to spend millions of rupiah on advertising. Here example food online business Event platters