Friends of mine have recommended trying Dishoom’s bacon naan home kit for a while now, and I finally got round to ordering it.

I knew it would be decent. Dishoom’s curries are exquisite. But I didn’t really think making it at home would be the same experience, or deliver the same enjoyment level.

I was wrong.

Thinking it would be at worst, something interesting to do during lockdown, I embarked on my first foray into the world of restaurant meal kits.

If you’re going to try one, make it this.

I can’t believe a glorified bacon sandwich can be this delicious, but it really is. Switching a bog-standard roll for a homemade Indian naan, topped with delicious trimmings and a chilli jam recipe I would kill for, it makes a brunch at home a real treat.

First, you make your naans, from the dough that has been prepared for you. I surprised myself by having a rolling pin, but if you don’t, a wine bottle will do.

To make them, you roll them out, briefly fry them, then pop them under the grill to watch them rise before your eyes. It was the most exciting thing that’s happened to me for a while.

Whilst this is happening, make sure your delicious strips of smoked bacon are crisping up in the oven.

Once you’ve made all your naans, it’s time to assemble.

Once you’ve made your naans and you’re ready to go, add the cream cheese

I briefly questioned where cream cheese fitted into all of this, but as someone who finds dry food abhorrent, I persevered. Which was a good thing, as it gently balances the flavours, bringing each element together.

So far you’ve got the naan, and the cream cheese. Now it’s time to top those with your crispy bacon, and if you’re as fancy as me, add a fried egg.

Look at that delicious crisp

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Now comes the part that makes it so delicious.

Drizzle the naan with your Dishoom chilli jam. It comes in a large pot, with enough to enjoy for days afterwards.

Apply liberally, and garnish with the fresh coriander also supplied.

The sweetness of the chilli jam balances with the salt of the bacon perfectly

When I bit into it, I was honestly shocked by how good it tasted. It’s the closest I’ve felt to being in a restaurant for a long time.

The kit also comes with a chai and ginger tea to accompany your breakfast, or you can opt to include mimosas for two.

It’s the perfect at-home activity if you’re a food lover like me, who wants to support one of London’s best restaurants through the Covid crisis.


Dishoom’s kit is priced at £17, with a £5 delivery charge. It can be delivered nationally, and for every meal kit purchased, the restaurant donate a meal to Magic Breakfast, a charity who provide healthy school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in the UK.

Have you tried any at home meal kits? Do you have any recommendations you think I should try? Let us know in the comment section here.