Having always favoured other cuisines over fried chicken, I accidentally went 23 years without ever trying KFC.

I didn’t think this was too strange, until I recently came across a video on YouTube titled ‘Tribal People Try KFC for the First Time’.

Even tribal people had tried the fast food chicken restaurant and I hadn’t, which was a bit embarrassing to learn. So I figured I better get on it ASAP.

On a wild Saturday evening in, I hit up Deliveroo and instead of going for my usual crispy chilli chicken order from my local Chinese, I opted for some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In hindsight, I probably chose the busiest time of the week to order, and I would have been quicker walking to my nearest branch rather than wait an hour and a half for it to be delivered.

But we live and learn.

I had no idea what to order

Browsing the menu cluelessly, I had no idea what to order and a box of dry-looking chicken didn’t appeal to me all that much.

In the end, I went with a Zinger burger meal, which I had heard good things about. But with only three toppings – chicken, sauce and lettuce – I was sceptical.

Definitely the worst part of the entire KFC experience is the drinks selection. It had been a long day, and all I really wanted was a large ice-cold McDonald’s Coke Zero. But if you don’t like Pepsi or Tropicana, KFC is not the place to be it seems.

I ended up choosing sparkling water… please don’t come after me.

The price

The whole meal – a Zinger burger, regular fries, Kansas BBQ Dipped Bites and bottle of water – came to £9.08 without the delivery fee. A decent amount of food for less than £10.

When my food eventually arrived, I was a bit disappointed by the size of the portions compared to other fast food places, in particular the chips, but for that price I can’t really complain.

I was a bit disappointed with the portion sizes
I was a bit disappointed with the portion sizes

The taste

But as I took a bite of the Zinger burger, I realised I had misjudged KFC’s quality all along.

The burger was delicious and tasted really fresh, and the sauce was really tasty.

The chips were good too, and even though the portions looked small I was able to eat everything and felt comfortably full afterwards.

The KFC Zinger Burger in all its glory
The KFC Zinger Burger in all its glory

I also ordered a side of the Kansas BBQ Dipped Bites, which had four chicken bites covered in sweet BBQ sauce.

The first two bites were really nice, but then when I got to the last two they were drowned in BBQ sauce, so I wasn’t really a fan.

The verdict

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by my first experience with KFC. I would probably order it again, but next time I will order it in the store so it’s a bit fresher. Like McDonald’s and Burger King and almost every burger chain, it doesn’t travel all that well.

Although the drinks selection lets it down big time, the food tastes good and I didn’t feel too rubbish afterwards.

I might even be ordering it over McDonald’s the next time I’m looking for a cheap fast food fix.

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