Marks and Spencer has combined two of the nation’s favourite sauces to make a brand new sauce, and fans can’t get enough.

Last month it was declared that tomato ketchup was no longer the nation’s favourite condiment, with Sriracha sauce beating the old favourite in a study.

But why choose between the two?

Or so thought M&S, who have delighted their customers by combining the two sauces into a brand new hybrid product.

The food retailer announced the launch of their new ‘Spicy Sriracha Ketchup’ on their Instagram page this week.

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The sauce promises to pack a punch, putting a new spin on classic tomato ketchup with the addition of Thai-style Sriracha chilli.

“It’s getting hot in here,” teased M&S on their food Instagram page as they advertised the sauce with a mouth-watering photo.

The ‘hot but deliciously sweet’ ketchup – which is made with fire-roasted bird’s eye and habanero chilies – comes with a three-chilli-symbol warning.

Marks and Spencer described the vegan-friendly condiment as “the perfect sauce for brunches, barbies, and bacon sarnies for those who LOVE a bit of spice!”

And shoppers can’t wait to try it out.

“Unreal,” exclaimed one delighted Instagram-user.

“I will be having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” declared another dedicated chilli-lover.

“I can’t wait to smoother this and Katsu ketchup all over my summer!” added someone else, referring to another popular hybrid sauce by M&S.

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On top of M&S’ own serving suggestions, fans have variously suggested pairing the sauce with halloumi, a BBQ, or ‘those chunky chips’ from M&S.

The sauce is available in Marks and Spencer stores now.

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