The Beyond Burger is all the rage right now as it’s supposed to be the most meat-like vegan burger out there.

With no soy or gluten, and stacking 19g of protein per patty, the Beyond Burger should tick all the boxes for your free-from needs.

Made from pea and rice protein with beetroot to dye it a meaty red, the American invention is taking the UK by storm and is now available in supermarkets and burger joints alike across the country.

I’ve been either vegan or vegetarian for the past four years, so decided to try it out and see if it was worth all the hype.

The burger comes pink like raw meat, with instructions to BBQ, grill or fry it for a few minutes until it reaches 74 degrees.

I popped mine in a frying pan with some oil and as it slowly browned it released meat-like juices.

So far, so good. Could’ve been meat.

Pathetically, condiments were lacking in my house, but I plated it up with a bap, veggies, and some ketchup and was ready to go.

Looks like a beef burger, but really doesn’t taste like one

As I took my first bite, I realised the burger may have seemed juicy in the pan, but it didn’t taste juicy at all and was instead really firm.

The texture was definitely trying to be like meat, but it just seemed really processed to me.

Worst of all was the taste.

The burger was bland, boring and tasteless.

Especially compared to other vegan options, which are usually made from beans, vegetables, and lots of spices to make a great tasting burger that would be good even on its own, the Beyond Burger really fell short.

I scoffed it down so that the suffering would be over more quickly and felt a bit sick at the end.

Sure, if I’d really pushed the boat out with toppings and condiments or put it on the BBQ for that smoky flavour, I could’ve made it a better meal, but if the patty itself is disgusting – what’s the point?

For the final test, I had my meat-eating flatmate try it out, and he said it was decent and would eat it if it was going, but couldn’t pass as meat.

The bottom line is, the Beyond Burger is a great option for meat-eaters looking to eat more plants and do their part for the planet, but it’s not worth it for vegans or vegetarians like me who know how good plants can really taste.