As he offers with the unhappiness of caring for his extremely ill pet cat, Simone, Murray Chalmers has shed interest in foods, even though he is familiar with that passion will return.

Each time I create this column my beloved cat Simone is commonly jumping in excess of the keyboard or rubbing versus the display screen so I can’t see much of what I’ve prepared. If she’s specifically playful she will typically erase total chunks of text with the precision of the most ruthless editor.

Perhaps she’s trying to explain to me that my verbosity wants to be tempered but her hapless interventions have come to be a ritual of sorts – I’m late for the deadline and sit typing like a maniac whilst Simone wishes to be credited as co-author for the re-writes which, thanks to her fairly unfocused typing technique, are typically unintelligible.

David Bowie made use of a minimize-up system for some of his finest lyrics but, so significantly, Simone has not managed to channel her internal Diamond Doggy or even Platinum Puss to arrive up with any text of toughness or poetic joy. But then, most likely, neither have I…

Small pal

This column is extremely diverse. As I type this my small pal lies slumped in the corridor, stupefied by the outcomes of the really powerful steroids she is now on, masking a ache that would if not be unendurable.

I’m crying as I compose these text but, on the previous day of 2020, Simone was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the colon and, as if that was not sufficient, acute kidney disease.

She has 3 months to stay, probably significantly less, and all that can be finished for her is for me to give palliative care at residence and envelope her in appreciate.

I exist right now in a haze of tears, agony, disappointment and anger, all thoughts that most of us will recognise when we lose a beloved one particular. At the instant I just can’t see as a result of the agony, to the diploma that I have had to check with my medical doctor for a quick course of sleeping supplements.

I do not dare near my eyes lest Simone slip absent and me not be there holding her. To love anyone – be it a human or a pet – requires a sort of submission in that you ought to open you to actual pleasure and, conversely, intensive discomfort.

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Simone in happier times.

That is what I sense now, a type of visceral gnawing at my heart and head, like they are bit by bit staying eaten away just like my 4- legged angel is by the cancer that is consuming her.


As with so lots of things it is the feeding on behaviors that had been the giveaway. From remaining a grande dame with a extremely nutritious hunger she just slowed down and then one working day she stopped.

On the suggestions of the vet I had been switching meals based mostly on the initial prognosis of pancreatitis, but all to no avail. Inevitably, she was ingesting only soup and her bodyweight began to plummet alarmingly. This heralded thrice-weekly visits to the vet and then, eventually, the drive to Edinburgh for the more comprehensive exams that would reveal the devastating reality.

I truly cannot bear to consider of waking up 1 day and not observing her little encounter but that is what will take place quite quickly.

Hunting in my kitchen area today I see a staggering 7 plates and bowls with diverse foodstuff and beverages, a lot of concealing the medicines that are giving me a several a lot more months with my pal, and generating certain she is not in discomfort. Considerably of the meals is left untouched.

My life is presently seeking just about every foods in sequence, only to find it turned down – the bowls sitting for an hour while I try to coax her to eat. Just after an hour I apparent most of them absent. Often she will surprise me by eating one thing she has previously declined and at times like that my joy is incalculable.

I typically just take a photograph and send out it to buddies and loved ones. The image is a cat feeding on but, to me, it is so substantially more. I just can’t even begin to explain the joy I get from seeing a deposit in her litter tray.

My possess interest in food items has withered absent to the degree that I just don’t treatment. Currently I forgot to consume right up until late afternoon since I was taking part in with Simone and she was responding so boisterously that it felt like – it’s possible – it was all just a oversight.

But then she slumped at my facet and I remembered particularly the place I was when the vet uttered the phrase “terminal”, and that is the form of issue that tends to make me cry once more because I can’t bear to see this gorgeous creature who has given me so substantially appreciate just slip absent.

I’m certain my desire in food will arrive back at the time this pain and damage have lessened. There’s absolutely plenty of of me to assure that not feeding on for really a handful of times isn’t going to lower the unwanted fat supplies to zero at any time shortly. And also, I adore food stuff with a passion – considering about it, searching for it, cooking it or getting someone else cook it for me. This will return.


Suitable now, although, I consider about food stuff as subsistence and ballast – and even then I do not definitely take in right until the rumbling in my stomach could make Alexa open the fridge without having me saying a term.

It’s very unusual to out of the blue not care about taking in when so a lot of my life is primarily based all over food stuff. I was usually suspicious of persons who spoke of meals as just fuel since, to me, it seemed to be a wholly joyless and needlessly standard way of approaching a person of life’s wonderful pleasures.

But now I have joined them, albeit briefly. This has reintroduced me to some strange factors – these types of as the bliss of ingesting a whole packet of chocolate brownies for lunch – but it has also served as a warning that these types of wanton disregard for energy and normal overall health is not sustainable in the long expression.

As a result, after about a week of consuming foods I normally eschew – ready-built foods, property deliveries, cake as a starter, key course and pudding – I’m completely ready to tentatively test to carry some normality to my very own January even if the world won’t hear to our basic pleas for respite from world wide terror.

The 1 big new discovery has been that we have a Chinese takeaway pretty around us and it’s fantastic. I have lived in Fife for 16 years and generate previous Small Moon on Boat Brae in Newport-on-Tay so generally that I’m embarrassed to admit that I have by no means really seen it significantly.

Favourite dishes

In truth its place on the curve of Boat Brae would make it a little bit unobtrusive and ridiculous new parking rules on the road never help – but we have ordered from right here a few moments not too long ago and it is normally been great.

My favorite dishes so much are all vegetarian selections, significantly the tofu. That’s not to negate the meat and fish dishes at all, it is just additional a reflection of my existing ingesting patterns. Parts are substantial and the food items arrives quickly and effectively packaged.

I imagine the sesame prawn toast is genuinely the only point that suffers from transportation due to the fact, with this, I want that searing smack of crispness from the oil, a rasping melt away that only a tube of Bonjela can ease. Little Moon is a great nearby discover.

I’ve also been having fun with reading through a handful of new cookbooks, though truly just for the satisfaction of looking through alternatively than cooking. The first has been The Seafood Shack (£20) by Kirstie Scobie and Fenella Renwick, released by the Dundee-primarily based Kitchen area Push.

This charming e-book is an unpretentious quantity of tales and recipes dependent about the shack, a very small catering trailer in Ullapool – as these it brings together personal tales of fishing historical past with guidelines on making ready various fish, and extra than 80 recipes that seem very fail-protected.

Their traditional haddock wrap with lemon mayo and pesto appears to be like tasty, as does the cod and chorizo stew.

A winner and a great conventional companion to Nathan Outlaw’s brilliantly ingenious British Seafood (£14.99) which, strangely, looks to already be out of print, definitely on the net.

One more reserve that brings cheer to a grim January is Guerilla Tacos (£18.99) by Wesley Avila.

All through the extensive, dim Scottish winters – this one particular specially – there are specific matters that can be certain to make the journey to spring a much less tortuous 1.

The initial is a bottle of vitamin D, the next is a Sad lamp – seasonal affective problem – and the 3rd is a Mexican cookbook.


Guerilla Tacos is subtitled Recipes From the Streets of LA and it is this that captivated me. In a city synonymous with taco vans, Guerilla Tacos has risen to the top, successful the accolade for finest taco truck from LA Weekly – no signify feat for a business enterprise which started in 2012 with a $300 cart located in downtown LA and a hibachi grill.

This is a e-book with a very distinctive voice, bringing refreshing invention to a food stuff that is frequently offered in a reductive sort here in the Uk.

Wesley Avila writes: “A taco is a blank canvas. How do you want to paint it? Allow your creativeness run wild. Seared cauliflower with raisins, tuna poke with furikake, uni and habanero, beef basturma with a fried farm egg and burnt tomato salsa… corn tortillas go with every little thing.”

At a time when every day provides a new fear in this article in the United kingdom – not minimum the consequences of Brexit on our food stuff sector and materials achieving our stores – looking through this e book is like getting your head on a journey to a place the place the flavours, colours and textures of this vivid cuisine remind us that there is a big extensive earth out there. It is also a terrific reminder of how we must value every day.

(By the way, furikake is a Japanese condiment very easily observed on the web even though Uni is sea urchin – I confess I experienced to seem it up too.) Viva La Vida!

Minor Moon 1 Boat Brae, Newport on Tay, Fife. DD6 8EX. Tel 01382 698100

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