Marmite is encouraging people to get their daily dose of Vitamin B12.

With an estimated 500,000 Brits partaking in Veganuary this year the toast topper may just be the ticket in reaching the recommended daily intake (RDI) of essential B vitamins.

Just one serving (8 grams) of Marmite provides 76% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B12.

Sophie Allan, Brand Manager at Marmite, said: “For our long-time lovers, Marmite has always been an excellent source in rich B Vitamins – either as a fulling, substantial breakfast or a tasty fortified snack, too.

“But this Veganuary, with so many more people trying their hand at veganism and a plant-based diet, it’s important Brits are supplementing their meals smartly, including ensuring the recommended daily intake of B12 vitamins.

“So, whether you’re a vegan or not, no matter if you’re a lover or a hater, you might just need a dose of Marmite.”

Jenna Hope, Nutritionist at Jenna Hope Nutrition, said: “Vitamin B12 is an essential micronutrient which plays a role in supporting red blood cell production, energy, metabolism and nerve function.

“A vegan diet poses risk of vitamin B12 deficiency due to the elimination of vitamin B12 rich animal sources.

“As a result, consuming fortified plant milks, fortified cereals and fortified spreads such as Marmite is essential to supporting B12 demands.

“Marmite contains 76% of the RDI per serving and therefore stirring it into pasta or porridge or spreading it on toast is a brilliant way to reduce the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.”

1. What is B12 and why is it important you get enough throughout Veganuary?

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in maintaining nerve function, metabolism and extracting nutrients from foods, as well as supporting DNA and red blood cell formation.A vegan diet poses risks of vitamin B12 deficiency as it’s largely found in animal sources. Therefore, ensuring adequate intakes from fortified foods is essential.

2. How do you incorporate B12 into your Veganuary diet?

Consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin B12 on a vegan diet can be challenging, although fortified products are very useful.Fortified products include some plant milks, nutritional yeast, breakfast cereals and spreads such as Marmite.You can get creative by adding nutritional yeast and Marmite to pasta dishes, ensuring that cereals are fortified with vitamin B12 and incorporating tempeh (a fermented soybean meat alternative) into the diet as these can be useful ways to contribute to B12 requirements.

3. Veganuary motivation for new vegans:

Veganuary is a great opportunity to try new foods and recipe ideas.Preparing meals and snacks in advance can also make it easier to stay motivated and excited on a plant-heavy diet. Additionally, it’s important to do homework and read up on the higher risk nutrients such as vitamin B12, iodine and omega-3 to ensure there is no risk of deficiency.

4. The best simple Veganuary snacks containing Vitamin B12:

  • Fortified plant yoghurt stirred with peanut butter, topped with cinnamon and frozen berries
  • A fortified soya milk chai latte makes for a comforting winter warmer
  • Marmite stirred into homemade popcorn
  • Crackers topped with vegan cream cheese and Marmite