Marks and Spencer has never been afraid to try new things in their phenomenally popular food range but their latest innovation may be a stretch too far for some people.

Not content with cornering the market on luxury pies and kievs, the high street favourite had delighted fans by announcing a new ‘food invention’ combining both as one meaty, crumby parcel.

The new device, which the store has brashly named the ‘Chicken Pie-Ev’ has certainly sparked debate online.

Yesterday (Thursday, March 4) M&S took the opportunity to introduce their new product by bragging to their Instagram followers.

Their listing read: “WELL, PIE NEVER! Just in time for British Pie Week, we’ve created the invention of the year… A CHICKEN PIE-EV!

“In a UK first, we’ve combined two of the nation’s favourite dishes – Chicken Kiev and Pie!

“Oh so garlicky… our Gastropub pie is made with succulent British chicken in a creamy garlic butter sauce, topped with crunchy panko breadcrumbs, encased in all butter shortcrust pastry, with a puff pastry lid! YUM!

“Did you know that the M&S introduced the Chicken Kiev as the UK’s FIRST chilled prepared meal in 1979? Revolutionising the way we eat! You can pick up the UK’s first Chicken Pie-Ev in store now!”

The snap saw the pancakes, which come in packs of four, next to its brightly coloured wrapping while the pancakes were ready on a plate.

Fans were loving the post, with it racking up more than 5,000 likes.

One Twitter user tagged their friend simply writing: “Oh my God!”

Quickly their friend realised the seismic importance of the announcement, replying: “Just when we thought it can’t get any better!!

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Some of M&S’ followers were quick to fall at the feet of their god and express their gratitude to the brand that had blessed them with so impressive a bounty.

Two friends met in the comment section.

One explained: “oh my god….. Two of my favourite things combined…”

The other affirmed: “We need this in our life.”

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