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Is riverside living your cup of tea?

Looking for a shiny new pad to hire in the capital? Not sure where particularly? Reply the 5 questions down below, and enable Folio London — the group that evokes, supports and champions renters in London — do the rest:

1. So, what’s your vibe, then?

A) Boutique shops and terrific little boozers.
B) Oodles of close by features: huge name shops, cinemas, leisure centres.
C) Waterside vistas and walks.
D) Loads of parks and participating in fields.

Does your best weekend include a stroll across the heath? Image: Shutterstock

2. Your excellent weekend?

A) Stroll throughout the heath, followed by a pub lunch.
B) Cheeky extensive weekend to Greece, efcharistó.
C) Brrrracing dip in the docks.
D) Location of golf.

Is a picturesque drinking water mill far more your pace? Picture: Shutterstock

3. And your aspiration museum?

A) Planes and plenty of ’em!
B) 1 about tunnels, if possible Brunel. He da man.
C) Gimme something riverine, a picturesque h2o mill possibly.
D) I do quirky. Know any steam museums? Or musical kinds?

Do the 2012 Online games even now dwell on in your heart? Image: Shutterstock

4. Fave Television set exhibit?

A) Spaced.
B) Peep Show.
C) The Olympic/Paralympic games.
D) Silent Witness.

Slurp of craft beer any individual? Impression: Shutterstock

5. Very well that is that. Where by are we heading for a consume?

A) A charming gastropub with a food items menu that’ll make me drool.
B) Somewhere that does craft beer. Gallons of craft beer.
C) I’m a champagne-on-a-yacht kinda person.
D) Milkshake or smoothie in the shopping mall.

How did you do?

Mainly As?

New Hendon Village, Colindale. From £1,250pcm

Like Sigmund Freud, T.S. Eliot and Amy Winehouse, you’re a northern soul!  Test out Folio’s north London rentals. Maybe Bakersfield, shut to some common north London gastropubs and boasting onsite parking. Or Hendon Village — walking distance from Colindale station and the Royal Air Pressure Museum.

Primarily Bs?

Purley Way, Croydon. From £1,085pcm

Enjoy out —- we have received a amazing kid more than below. Broaden your craft beer horizons and be inside achieve of all the obscure exhibitions you could ever dream of by heading south! Examine out Folio’s south London rentals. Purley Way has lots of main retailers and leisure solutions, and is just 33 minutes to Gatwick Airport. Or consider Porters Edge, with its rooftop backyard garden overlooking the historic Docklands.

Typically Cs?

Royal Albert Wharf, Beckton. From £1,195pcm

Can you Adam and Eve it? Looks like you happen to be a Cockney at heart! Check out Folio’s east London rentals. There is Royal Wharf, with its own absolutely free-to-use health club. Royal Albert Wharf, supplying dockside sights, and tremendous-close to the DLR. Stratford Halo, on the doorstep of Westfield and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Or — if you want to escape London altogether — Metropolis Park West in Chelmsford, set in acres of inexperienced and open area.

Typically Ds?

Greenstock Lane, Harrow. From £1350pcm.

Nicely, lah-di-dah, with people kind of responses you simply just need to go weeeeest! Verify out Folio’s west London rentals. How about Greenstock Lane, near to bucolic Harrow-on-the-Hill? Aviator Spot is surrounded by roaming parks and golf classes. And Sterling Location is an uncomplicated stroll to Gunnersbury Park and Kew Gardens.