Only One In Fifty British Tea-Drinkers Brew The Drink Correctly: Survey

Tea has various approaches of staying brewed and seeped.


  • Tea is a well-liked beverage across the planet
  • The humble brew necessitates a specified time body to be thoroughly made
  • A study found only 2% of British citizens brew it this way

Tea is a beverage which enjoys an enormous supporter subsequent across the world. Be it India or China, Turkey or the United Kingdom – all of these countries have tea recipes and traditions of their own. There are so several distinct types of tea readily available throughout the earth. From the vintage English tea to a soothing Chamomile, a fantastic Oolong to a refreshing environmentally friendly tea – there are so quite a few flavours to pick out from. One hotly contested discussion amongst tea-enthusiasts is how long tea should really be brewed for. What is the ideal time for which tea leaves should really be authorized to infuse in a very hot cup of h2o? A new study conducted by a United kingdom-based mostly business Tic watches explored this quite subject matter and made some startling revelations.

The survey was executed by the enterprise on 2,000 British tea drinkers. They ended up asked to response concerns these types of as how potent they like their tea and the specific time they brew it for. This was in comparison to what industry experts say is the ideal total of time for steeping or brewing tea. Tea gurus stated that the teabag really should be still left in the brew for at the very least 4 to 5 minutes to ‘unlock all its flavours’, though black tea need to be brewed even lengthier at six minutes or so. Inexperienced or Oolong tea should really be steeped for about two to three minutes, whilst natural tea must be still left for 4 to six minutes. Nevertheless, this is the bizarre section – only just one in fifty British citizens hold their tea brewing for this period according to the study.


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Tea is suggested to be brewed for about four to 5 minutes in accordance to expert. 


“Our analyze located that the time an typical particular person leaves their tea to brew is just 1 moment and ten seconds, with Bristolians owning the weakest tea, only leaving it to infuse for 46 seconds on normal,” go through the official weblog on the website. This is without a doubt an fascinating insight into what particularly goes into the earning of Britain’s much-beloved beverage, and how considerably apart it is from the expert-recommended benchmarks.

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