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A common saying that you will hear in culinary schools and from professional chefs is that the plate is your canvas. So, you should do your best to decorate it and fill it with the garnish that represents the dish. As much as the taste is important, the garnish is what makes a dish sell. After all, half of the dish’s taste is in its presentation.

However, garnishing can be very difficult since it requires cutting skills and accuracy in knife handling. This does not mean that you have to dish out poorly served plates to your guests. Ido Fishman Chef shares some tips that will help new chefs garnish their plates like a pro. So, take a look at these tips and learn how to prepare a professional garnish.

Garnish Tips For Beginners

Prepare in Advance

This is perhaps the most important tip that you will find about garnishing. Food needs to be served hot and you cannot afford to spend time preparing fresh garnish after you are done preparing the dish. So, if you are aiming to decorate your plate before serving, make sure that you have an idea in mind about how you will decorate it. Once you have formed your idea, prepare the vegetables and the sauces that you will use for the garnish. Since you prepare everything in advance, you will find the process of garnishing much more relaxing as compared to when you prepare everything at the same time.

Use Your Sauces

If you are not confident in your knifing skills, there’s no need to be hopeless. You can always rely on different sauces to make your plate look professional. Whether you are serving a dessert or a meat dish or pasta, the way you pour your sauces can change the entire appearance of your dish. So, play around with your sauces, create art by drizzling it on the sides or over the main course. So, with a chocolate cake, you can swirl some chocolate sauce on the sides to create a design.

Pay Attention to Detail

Now, this means that you should use appropriate dishes when plating your food. Pay attention to the design of the plate that you are serving in. Does the garnish complement the plate? Is it too much? Moreover, you should also test out the texture, color, and size of the garnish. Some textures and colors can make your dish pop. So, make sure that you use the right combinations. So, for instance, if it’s a plain soup dish, make sure to add garnish with popping colors such as red bell peppers or scallions, etc.

Clean Kitchen Towels for Precision

It is very common to drop sauces or oil somewhere they were not supposed to be. In case if you mess up your plate from unplanned movements, the first thing that you need to do is to stay calm. You can simply use a clean kitchen towel or a tissue to erase and wipe off any extra liquids on your plate. You can also use the towel to shape your sauces and other liquid substances on the plate.

Less is More

The one thing to always remember when garnishing is to not go overboard. If you place too many garnishes on your plate then the actual dish may get over-shadowed. Moreover, the plate can end up looking like a mess if it has too many decorative pieces. It may also affect the taste of the actual dish, do remember to pace yourself when garnishing.

The Bottom Line

With these fail-proof tips, you will surely wow your customers/ guests with your presentation skills. Ido Fishman has shared his topmost recommended tips and tricks from preparing the perfect garnish. So, if you are new to cooking but strive for perfection, then follow these tips and enjoy the reactions and compliments from your guests. With time and practice, your skills will refine even further and you will be able to create your own garnish ideas.

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