July 3, 2022



Questions to Ask a Chef Before Asking the Person to Work with You

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When you open a restaurant, you need to have a chef to ensure the business’s success. After all, everything depends on the skill of the person preparing the dishes. You can’t go wrong with your decision. Here are some questions you must ask potential candidates.

How many years of experience have you had?

It’s crucial to ask about the experience since you want someone with enough experience to handle a big restaurant. The kitchen can be a stressful environment, especially for someone who is yet to manage it. Therefore, you would rather hire an experienced chef who will ensure the customers get what they need quickly. 

Did you attend culinary school?

Some chefs trained themselves and made it far in the industry. Others started in a culinary school. The good thing about studying in these schools is that they offer tips to do well when running a restaurant. It’s not only about preparing various dishes. Culinary schools also teach unique techniques that self-training can’t provide. 

Do you have management experience?

Again, being in the kitchen is also about managing a group of people. Everyone has a role in the kitchen, and the chef is responsible for making sure people do their jobs. It takes leadership skills to be a chef, and you want someone who can handle various personalities. These people might also have questions on how to do things properly, and the chef should respond to them in a time-sensitive environment. 

You can go further by asking for a specific example of how the chef handled a stressful environment. The response will tell you if the person can do the job. 

Who are the best suppliers? 

You might know where to get the ingredients to use in the kitchen, but you must also ask the chef. With experience, the person can answer your questions. For instance, if you use apple concentrate regularly, the chef should be able to tell you where to find one and how to get it at an affordable cost. 

What are your career goals?

It’s also important to know what the chef’s career goals are. You want someone who will stay with you for a long time. It doesn’t mean you must let go of someone with bigger ambitions. You just want an assurance that the chef will help you build the restaurant. 

What do you do to improve your skills? 

Being a chef requires skill improvement. It’s not enough to rely on the previous skills learned. You want chefs to be innovative and creative. The lack of motivation to do more can be a red flag. Sure, the dishes you serve are similar, but you still want someone who will try to go beyond the usual. 

Find the right person who will help you establish an excellent reputation. You must take your time since your restaurant’s success depends on the person who will lead the kitchen. The restaurant can quickly fall apart if you don’t hire the right person for the job.

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