The Effectiveness of Sneeze Guard Partitions - Polymershapes

As you all are slowly coming out of the lockdowns, the human race has accepted that the Coronavirus is going to pose a threat in new forms infrequent intervals. It is impossible to stop physical business altogether and move into the cocoon of a virtual working model. Maintaining the proper precautions will help you stay safe and concentrate on business growth in the new-normal phase of humanity.

Restore the brand’s image

Regardless of whether you were a popular brand before the pandemic or a struggling brand fighting for its existence, you have to re-establish the business now. The conditions have changed a lot, and you have to find out the ways to adapt to the present conditions and progress steadily.

But before all this, you need to figure out how you can create the image of the brand once again. Concentrate on all the accessories that will help you show the employees, customers, clients, and other business houses that you are very particular about maintaining the safety measures. It will automatically increase the recommendations of the business. 

Make people feel safe

Does your job involve direct interaction with the clients and customers from a close distance? Then one of the prime reasons why you should install the sneeze guard is to make everyone around you feel safe. 

For instance, you own a café where people have to put off their masks to eat and drink. Putting the special shields around the cashier or at the payment desk will convey the most important messages that:

  1. You don’t want your employees to suffer by placing them at the forefront.
  2. You are serious about the safety of the customers interacting with your workers that can aggravate the spread of the virus. 

This thought process is so reassuring these days that people will always prefer your café to the others down the street. 

Not disturbing interaction

When you interact with your clients, you will never like the idea of being in PPE for your safety and the safety of the client. It hampers the physical interaction level. One of the very reasons to open up the business spaces once again is to reduce the use of a virtual medium that never has the same impact as a physical meeting with a client. 

  • The protective shields are transparent, which will never disturb the interaction with your client.
  • You cannot physically contact the client through the little handshakes even if you forget the social distancing clause as a part of your regular meet and greet regime. 

As the screens are not distracting, these serve well in all commercial spaces. 

Customization Is possible

The most surprising thing is the option for personalization of these screens. Depending on the nature of the desk or interactive chamber, you can customize the dimensions and even style of the screens to ensure that they serve the necessary purpose at work. 

The screens for a reception desk won’t be the same as that for a continuous desk where several employees sit in a row, and the screens divide the individual spaces. Install them for accelerating business growth.