How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture | Living Spaces

While enjoying quality time in your backyard sounds an interesting thing, the only downside is that you have to deal with the dirty patio furniture items. Sitting on a dirty sofa or table is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience as it will leave stains and marks on your pants. 

Dust and debris might seem like a minor convenience initially, but if you let them sit on the surface of your outdoor furniture items long enough, they will cause structural problems. Over time, the girt will interfere with the lifespan of your outdoor furniture items. 

Fortunately, several tricks will help you protect your outdoor furniture items easily from dust and debris. This will not only help you extend their lifespan but also allow you to make the furniture items look beautiful. Here are some caring methods for different types of outdoor furniture items. 

Wooden Outdoor Furniture Items 

Wooden outdoor furniture items such as wooden tables and chairs are undoubtedly one of the most challenging surfaces to clean. You simply cannot use water to clean the wooded furniture items as water will cause moisture. But other methods will help you clean your wooden furniture items effectively. After you remove the dust with a damp cloth, you need to apply a gentle cleanser. If you manage to use oil-based soap, you can clean your wooden furniture items without any problem as these soaps are chemical-free. 

Make sure you clean the surface thoroughly. Wooden furniture items come with rough textures. This means that you need to apply the cleaning process more than one time to clean the surface properly. 

If you notice the growth of mold on your wooden tables and chairs, scrub the surface until you remove the mold completely. It’s suggested to use high quality and weather-resistant outdoor table cover to protect your patio wooden table while not in use. 

Metal Outdoor Furniture Items

Oxidation or rust is the biggest risk for metal outdoor furniture items. Over time, oxidation will cause multiple problems to the exposed metal surfaces. The oxidation will undoubtedly cause structural damage. As per Corrosionpedia, oxygen molecules and water are the primary cause of oxidation. Fortunately, few methods will help you prevent it. 

During the rainy season, make sure you use waterproof covers to protect your metal furniture from water damage. However, make sure you purchase long waterproof covers so that they can protect the feet of the tables and chairs. 

Even if you notice rust, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar and apply it to the oxidized spot. 

Plastic Outdoor Furniture Items 

Cleaning the plastic surface is one of the easiest maintenance methods. This is because plastic outdoor furniture items are season-friendly and they require low maintenance. After you remove the dust, use a chlorine-free cleaner. Before applying any cleaning solution to your plastic outdoor furniture items, don’t forget to check the label. Corrosive ingredients will damage and deteriorate the plastic pieces.  

Make sure you dilute the cleaning products with water before applying them to the surface of your plastic furniture items. You should also use proper outdoor furniture covers. 


The outdoor furniture items are one of the most important aspects of your backyard. Therefore, make sure you take proper care of them.