I desire I did not know what beef salad was.

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I am absolutely sure we have all eaten some peculiar foodstuff dishes just before, but this new TikTok development may well go away you second-guessing what you look at “unusual”…

TikTok consumer @taybeckerbeauty lately went viral for inquiring people to share what strange foodstuff they ate escalating up that they imagined was ordinary:

She shared that her father blended chilly peas, mayonnaise, and sugar as a supper side all the time.

Quickly, lots of other people commenced jumping in to share the weird dishes they ate as youngsters. Like user @ruthielovescoffee, who claimed her moms and dads would cook dinner a pot roast and put the leftovers in a foodstuff processor. They would blend it with Miracle Whip and pickle relish and try to eat it on bread. They identified as it BEEF SALAD.

@ruthielovescoffee / tiktok.com

She went on to reveal that her grandparents did the same factor, other than with incredibly hot puppies and they called it “ham salad.”

And then we have some thing identified as PRESIDENT’S SALAD — which consisted of cold spaghetti noodles, lettuce, leftover chicken, croutons, cheese, and French dressing — shared by user @lifewithgrant.

@lifewithgrant / tiktok.com

“My mom applied to say, ‘This is what presidents consume.'”

Even though most of the dishes were quite weird, folks tended to rave about how superior they had been. Person @johannawestbrook shared her recipe for meat pie that is really diverse from classic British meat pie:

User @she_writes_black discussed how her grandma designed ~damn if I know soup~: “One particular working day my grandma experienced a pot on the stove and my cousin came in and he was like, ‘What that is?’ And my grandma was like, ‘Damn if I know.’ So that is why we connect with it ‘DAMN IF I KNOW SOUP.’ My grandma would literally consider every little thing out of the fridge, clean up the fridge, and just toss it in a large-ass pot and make some cornbread. AND THAT SHIT WAS BANGING!”

User @fredericaseverinsen liked anything named “mock rooster” — a recipe produced up of salted potato chips, hen (or mushroom) soup, and tuna layered up and baked like lasagna…served with peas.

Scrapple is one thing that person @ronnierukus loved consuming. It is produced from pig scraps, like pig lips, pig heart, and pig anus.

@ronnierukus / tiktok.com

He discussed that it really is a grayish-brown loaf that you fry up and serve for breakfast.

And then there’s person @thebryanmiller, who explained how his family members invented something oddly scrumptious called SCHMOES:


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“Just take two Ritz crackers. On a person Ritz cracker, spot chocolate and marshmallows. Adhere that in an oven or microwave. Atop the other Ritz cracker, smear a bit of peanut butter. Once the chocolate and marshmallow are heat to your liking, sandwich it all alongside one another in a great, crispy, salty-sweet snack.”

What unusual food did you try to eat expanding up that you considered was regular? SHARE YOUR Strange RECIPES IN THE Opinions!