Planning a fun filled beach party for the kids is the best option you have got in summers. Besides making fun by playing various games and activities at home what attracts kids the most is exploring and revealing nature’s most astounding features they see at the beach.

Starting early in the morning makes it the most beautiful day for your kids while letting you also to revitalize and invigorate for the beach. Packing up the essential stuff doesn’t take too much of your time, it is just about gathering a few essentials, good food and a bunch of beach games for your kids. Let us now get into knowing some of the best beaches you could plan for this summer.

Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay Beach in Hawaii has got some beautiful sights. The colorful ambiance and weather makes the day perfect when you arrive there by featuring you with calmer surf as compared to other beaches of Hawaii ultimately one of the best places to visit for the teens.

The beach is not just full of sand but the dock delivers some of the best parts of water younger surfers seek while providing a great feeling of sheltered sea shore surrounded by beautiful greenery. In addition to that the surrounded by the beauty of nature, the beach provides you with countless spots incredibly great for taking photos and gathering a bunch of childhood memories for your kids. According to the locals, every Tuesday the beach is also a hot spot for farmers’ market so make sure you don’t miss a cool drink of the famous lemonade out there.

Coronado Central Beach, California

While providing its visitors with an incredible weather throughout the year, the Coronado Central Beach becomes one of the best places to take your preschool kids with you especially in the slanted landscape making it possible for the kids to grab the best of fun and excitement while playing their most favorite games of beach volleyball, Frisbee, Boogie Boarding and the Sand Hole game.

Along with its astounding looks and the beauty of natures blessed within, you have got Hotel Del Coronado nearby for people seeking a nice shelter when the sun heats up the shore. In addition to that you might not find the lemonade but the MooTime Creamery offers the coolest ice cream that your kids won’t resist at all.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park, South Carolina

The best suited place for toddlers, preschool and school age children, the Kiawah Beachwalker Park features you with a quiet beach with calm water delivering another best view of the nature’s beauty. Bright sunshine and colorful evening really make it more exciting for the kids to notice the transition in weather while gathering the most feverish memories of their childhood.

The sand is really soft and clean where your younger kids would love to build their creative sand castles and could easily play games such as bucket filling because you really don’t have to worry about the strong waves as the barrier to reef keeping the seashore more secure for them.

Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach is one the best tropical paradise you could ever visit. With the stunning beauty blessed by the nature, the sea shore delivers you with a place that keeps children exploring a number of things out there.

Running and shouting on the soft sand and shallow water, school age and teens are more excited to visit the Luquillo beach in the summers. Along with the clean and crystal clear water of the beach don’t forget to have a couple of scoops from the Helado Man coconut and pineapple ice cream.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Featuring you with a handful of sand dune landscape and the shining water, the seashore is quite and calm but what attracts kids the most to this beach is that they love to climb onto the beautiful sand dunes, rolling themselves down and playing other beach party games which is really a fun activity most of the children love to do out there.

Don’t forget to have a blast with your kids while allowing them to climb and swim in the cool water at the Lakeshore ending up the day while making sure not to miss the beautiful evening.

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