I despise cabbage. Even though it is really quite gentle and there’s nothing texture-sensible that gets me, I are not able to stand it. So, I guess I am weird, ideal?

Nope. Turns out that there are a several like-minded cabbage-haters out there, because I set up a Facebook post earlier this 7 days asking the dilemma “What popular foodstuff won’t you take in, no matter how hungry you are? What grosses you out?” I bought solutions.

I uncovered that Tracy Marie does not like cabbage both, she “Cannot even tolerate the smell if it can be cooking”. Oh God Tracy, my grandmother used to cook cabbage in a tension cooker, clouds of fart out of our kitchen area for hrs. Repulsive.

Turns out however, the Grand Champion of gross foodstuff might be Blue Cheese. 3 of you – Liz, Maarit, and Taylor all claimed that they would by no means take in Blue Cheese, everrrrr.

Mrs. Huge and Wendy have a little something in prevalent, they both equally won’t be able to stand beans. Lima beans for Mrs. Massive, and as for Wendy, she are unable to stand Baked Beans. Clams, Oysters, Fish, and Mussels were being common possibilities, with Maarit, Joan, Gina, and Laura all saying that they despise ocean-dwelling delicacies.

There were a couple a single-off nominations also. Jim hates cauliflower (I’m with you Jim), Rachel will under no circumstances eat Bologna, ever. Linda and Brussel Sprouts are mortal enemies, Aurelia thinks Sauerkraut smells like a sewer (me much too). Melissa and tomatoes are a match manufactured in hell, and Christine will never eat Mushrooms.

Many thanks for all of your solutions, I hope that all of you cabbage lovers are respiratory a sigh of relief, I will in no way be a risk to the world’s cabbage population.

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