When Jay Zhang moved to London from northern China 15 decades in the past, like lots of immigrants, a single of the things he skipped most about household was the food items. 

“There was just one Asian grocery keep at the stop of Hamilton and Gore,” recalled Zhang. “Now we have three massive Chinese grocery suppliers and you can uncover just about just about anything.”

That arrives in helpful, now that Zhang is acquiring groceries not just for himself, but also a group of friends who have signed up to be element of his new video series What Not To Eat, exactly where he convinces his non-Chinese friends to taste some of his favourite goodies from again home. 

For the very first episode, Zhang introduced his mates to century eggs, also regarded as preserved eggs, hundred-year eggs or millennium eggs. 

“It really is generally preserved duck eggs,” Zhang explained to London Morning guest host Jackie Sharkey. “They are offered everywhere you go [in China], however it’s not a thing you eat just about every day. But in Canada, I come to feel it really is fewer popular, of program.”

Chinese expat Jay Zhang has designed a foodstuff vlog in which he introduces London pals to some of his favorite foods from residence. 1:55

The eggs received combined testimonials, with one pal hardly ready to abdomen the flavor and texture and the other saying he quite liked it — evaluating the egg white, which was grey-eco-friendly, to gelatin aspics he ate in his childhood.

But not all the videos are that harrowing, assures Zhang. In Episode Two, two mates tried using self-heating very hot pots and in Episode Three, they take a journey down the junk food stuff aisle. 

“For Chinese New Year we tried out some candies and treats from China. It is really amusing, they’re really Lay’s Chips but they taste so various, they have so several distinctive flavours,” claimed Zhang. 

The two chips on supply were spicy crayfish and white rabbit candy, “a vanilla-flavoured milk-flavoured sweet” chip, stated Zhang. 

He suggests most of his close friends locate the videos fascinating and exciting, even if it means the tasters occasionally get a little bit far more than they bargained for.  

Though Zhang continue to purchases a great deal of his groceries at London’s Asian grocers he suggests he has incorporated specific Canadian staples into his eating plan, most notably: dairy and cheese, which usually are not definitely utilized in Chinese cuisine. 

“I adore cheese. I appreciate all-working day breakfast and I try to eat cheese routinely,” he stated, laughing.

But what he definitely misses from again dwelling is a great noodle dish. 

“I am from Northern China — we are more of a noodle state — and so we have seriously excellent stretched noodles in distinct varieties and flavours,” reported Zhang. “Although we can get immediate ones listed here, the true things is not out there so I do pass up that.”

London Morning7:33Watching buddies check out one of a kind snacks

London food vlogger Jay Zhang tells London Morning what form of exclusive Chinese treats and flavours his non-Chinese buddies try out from back dwelling in China. 7:33