American Man Divides Opinion After Reviewing British Snacksajslambino/TikTok

A courageous American guy has prompted an absolute ruckus immediately after publishing divisive critiques of vintage British snacks.

AJ Slambino, from Atlanta, Georgia has sampled an array of British chocolate bars, providing a favourable verdict on the likes of Raise (which he declared ‘absolutely amazing’), Star Bar (‘almost like a Milky Way chewy […] but this tastes way better’) and Ferrero Rocher (‘this is like love!’)

Wine Gums acquired a little bit additional of a combined assessment, with AJ declaring he appreciated the flavor but feared they would rip his teeth out. A stick to-up bag of Fruit Pastilles fared far better – as in truth they ought to – with AJ hailing them as ‘sugary goodness suitable here’.

Check out out a person of his reviews underneath:

Some treats did not go down far too very well at all, and I for 1 was horrified to see comforting espresso break fave Hobnobs likened to ‘sawdust’. As one commenter famous, they genuinely need to have to be dipped in some kind of sizzling beverage to be totally appreciated.

Staple sandwich filler Branston Pickle also went down like a direct balloon, with a disgusted AJ describing the chutney as acquiring the ‘worst smell ever’. In actuality, he was so repulsed by the flavor that the video clip finishes with him spitting it out entirely, substantially to the outrage of British commenters.

1 individual commented they ended up ‘afraid we can no for a longer period permit you appear to Britain now, ever’, even though yet another urged him to attempt it all over again with appropriate cheddar, not the ‘plastic orangey American stuff’.

Commenters ended up also alarmed by AJ referring to a bag of Monster Munch as ‘chips’, a categorisation which just doesn’t sit right in the British soul.

The nation’s blood pressure was even more lifted soon after AJ’s lacklustre description of the snack as getting ‘better than I imagined it would be’. As we all know, Monster Munch is a God tier crisp and labelling it as just ‘okay’ simply just just does not capture just one of the most enjoyable snacking ordeals conceivable.

You can discover out more about AJ and his many snack opinions here.