British Flowers Week: How to use wildflowers and take advantage of their benefits



It really is British Bouquets 7 days this 7 days, so let us celebrate the country’s most helpful blooms (Image: Getty)

Bouquets are not just for decoration. For hundreds of many years, crops have been utilized to address ailments, from insomnia to bloating. “It is easy to come across therapeutic vegetation escalating wild in mother nature, or in your garden,” states herbalist Mo Wilde, author of The Wilderness Overcome. “In fact, as quickly as you go outside the house, you will encounter many weeds that can be used as basic medicines.”

Dandelions, for instance, are renowned for becoming diuretic, whilst elderflowers strengthen the immune method. Lime flowers can balance significant blood force and marigolds are anti-inflammatory.

However, Mo advises warning.

“Only ingest or use a wildflower if you’re 100 for each cent positive of its identification. Some vegetation are dangerous and even deadly. If you have a wellbeing problem, consult a experienced herbalist for steerage and converse to your GP.”

It’s British Flowers 7 days this week, so there’s no superior time to rejoice the country’s most helpful blooms.


“Dandelions get their title from the French ‘dent du lion’ or ‘tooth of the lion’, probably simply because their leaves have serrated tooth-like edges,” claims Mo. “The plant is well-regarded for its diuretic qualities.”

Bouquets: May to October. Grows on lawns and in the wild, but really don’t pick dandelions from busy polluted streets.

Benefits: Works towards bloating, especially swollen ankles, as it allows banish surplus h2o in the physique.

How to use: All elements of this somewhat bitter plant are edible the two uncooked and cooked. A lot of pre-war cookery books have recipes for dandelion leaf salad, which preferences comparable to rocket.

Incorporate the leaves to salads, pies and sandwiches. The yellow bouquets, at the time the bitter green calyx is taken off, are lovely infused in vinegar and used in salad dressings.

You can also increase them to omelettes and risottos.


The elderflower is recognised to improve the immune technique (Graphic: Getty)


“Fragrant, yellow-white elderflowers increase on the elder tree,” states Mo.

“Customarily, the elder was regarded a smart tree, and it was unlucky to lower just one down.”

Bouquets: June. The elder tree grows in woodland scrub, hedgerows and on wasteland.

Advantages: Relieves sinus signs or symptoms and hay fever. In wintertime, a cordial can be employed to relieve colds and flu.

It also boosts the immune method.

How to use: The washed flowers can be used as flavouring in wine, jellies and desserts. You can also make elderflower cordial. Try out this basic recipe: 1 Include 1.5l of water, 20 fresh elderflowers and two sliced lemons to a pan. Deliver to the boil.

2 Get rid of from warmth, protect the pan and go away to infuse for a several several hours or overnight. 3 Drain the liquid by a sieve. Discard the lemon slices and bouquets.

4 Return the liquid to the pan and increase 2kg sugar.

5 Deliver to the boil, then simmer for five minutes.

6 Pour the elderflower cordial into sterilised bottles although incredibly hot. Hold in the fridge and use inside of two weeks.


“The Romans brought marigold seeds with them when they invaded Britain,” says Angela Paine, creator of The Therapeutic Energy of Celtic Plants.

“But the ancient Celts, dwelling together the south coast, could nicely have been increasing the flowers extensive right before.”

Bouquets: Spring to early November. Marigolds grow in gardens, wasteland and on roadsides.

Rewards: The flowers are astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

How to use: Marigold bouquets and younger leaves are edible, so include them to salads. Use the petals to colour and flavour soups, cakes and creamed vegetables.

Pregnant females need to stay clear of ingesting marigolds.

Dog rose

Canine rose petals can reduce hot flushes, relieve belly upsets, and help a sore mouth and throat (Picture: Getty)


“The doggy rose has been escalating in Britain considering that just before the final Ice Age,” states Angela.

“A image of adore, the rose was devoted to Aphrodite, the goddess nd of appreciate in Greece, and Venus in Rome.”

Bouquets: June and July. Dog rose grows in hedges and on the edges of woodland.

Positive aspects: Rose petals raise the spirits with their fragrance.

Astringent and antioxidant, they can decrease sizzling flushes, ease abdomen upsets, and support a sore mouth and throat.

How to use: Dry the rose petals and retail store in a glass container someplace dark.

Add dried petals to bath drinking water for an uplifting fragrant soak, or area in boiled drinking water and let to infuse for a few minutes to make a therapeutic tea.

For a calming facial steam, increase to scorching drinking water, with sprigs of lavender.


“Woods in summer are normally loaded with the tasty scent of honeysuckle,” claims Helen Keating, from the Woodland Rely on.

“This beautiful, aromatic wildflower has edible blooms that can be applied to incorporate a sweet, honey flavour to quite a few dishes.”

Bouquets: June to September. Honeysuckle is a climbing plant located in previous hedgerows and woodland edges.

Benefits: Helps to soothe indigestion, lower inflammation and take care of blood sugar stages.

How to use: Only use the flowers since the berries are mildly harmful.

Infuse a couple of bouquets in boiled drinking water to make a calming tea to relieve a sore throat, or add to chilled fizzy drinking water for a refreshing, cleaning consume.


Honeysuckles assist to soothe indigestion, lower inflammation and take care of blood sugar stages (Graphic: Getty)


“The bouquets of lime trees have a sweet honey-like aroma and have been utilised as a food and medicine for generations,” states Helen.

“The bouquets have delicate sedative and anti-anxiousness houses, and were administered in area hospitals all through the Second Environment War.”

Bouquets: June and July. This significant deciduous tree with it’s modest yellow-white bouquets can be discovered in gardens and parks.

Gains: Its calming, stress-free qualities make lime flower tea the suitable bedtime consume.

It can also assistance to equilibrium high blood pressure.

How to use: Add contemporary washed bouquets to salads, dry and bake into cakes and breads, or use to make herbal teas by introducing to boiled drinking water.


Wildlife consume plants – so depart a lot for them. Only choose what you strategy to consume. Avoid trampling or uprooting crops, and pick from abundant populations wherever you have authorization.

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