A much-loved Scottish curry house is giving the deep-fried Mars Bar its own Indian twist.

Reinventing the treat that is popular with tourists, the popular Little Curry House in Glasgow is serving up its own version of the battered novelty in pakora form.

To create it, owner and top chef Jasdeep Singh takes bite-sized pieces of the caramel and nougat chocolate bar and combines them with traditional Indian spices in a deep-fried fritter, creating a gooey, melt-in-the-middle treat.

Customers at the Byres Road restaurant can try the six-piece dessert for themselves when it launches in both the restaurant and on the takeaway menu from Wednesday, June 1.

Jasdeep preps the Mars Bars
Jasdeep preps the Mars Bars

Jasdeep – who has worked in kitchens since he was just 13 – said: “I can understand why people love battered Mars Bars so much.

“They’re crunchy and gooey and absolutely delicious – so, obviously, I knew I had to put my own twist on it.”

The Mars Bar pakora looking delicious
The Mars Bar pakora looking delicious

He revealed he wasn’t sure how his culinary creation would work out, but added that as soon as he took his first bite he knew he was on to a winner.

He said: “The soft texture and sweet taste of the Mars Bar marry up beautifully with the spicy crunch of the pakora coating.

“It’s got a wee kick to it and you can’t help but crave more, so I think our customers will love it.”

Jasdeep Singh puts the finishing touches on theMars Bar pakora
Jasdeep Singh puts the finishing touches on theMars Bar pakora

The Mars Bar pakora, which is sold in the restaurant for £5.50, is the latest flamboyant creation by 23-year-old Jasdeep, who recently reopened the iconic Glasgow restaurant following a £150,000 refurbishment.

He added: “It’s the perfect way to round off a meal or if you just fancy a quick fix to satisfy your sweet tooth.

“It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure for fans of Indian cuisine and the perfect amalgamation of Glasgow’s great loves – pakora and deep-fried Mars Bars.”

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