Most homeowners will go online or visit a home store, buy the first kitchen towels they see and then wonder why their glasses have streaks, why their dishes have fluff or why their pots and pans aren’t dry after drying. This is a common mistake and many people aren’t aware that there is a range of options available, each one offering their own unique advantages to help you get everything in your kitchen dry after washing.

Even if you own a dishwasher, there are times when you will wash by hand and want to dry the items to pack away, leaving your kitchen clean and neat. This means that ideally every kitchen should have four different kitchen towels at the ready, ensuring that each item is dried properly before putting it away, reducing the risk of bacteria growing and helping keep the family healthy.

One of the first kitchen towels you should be looking for is a cotton waffle option. These are easily identifiable with their cross design that looks like a checked pattern. These towels provide outstanding absorbency and are the perfect choice for drying pots, pans and hands. They are able to soak up the water left in pots and pans with ease, enabling you to pack them away with complete peace of mind.

The next choice is terry options. Terry is another form of cotton which is soft to the touch. You can identify it as it’s the material often used for bath towels and bathrobes. Terry is also highly absorbent and is the perfect choice for wiping down damp countertops. You can also use these as a hand towel in the kitchen area for when washing hands as you prepare meals for the family.

A cotton blend kitchen towel that is smooth to the touch without any loose pieces is the best choice when it comes to drying glasses and glass bowls. These options don’t leave any fluff behind, reducing the risk of fluff on your glasses or unwelcome streaks. A little trick if you find your glasses are streaked. Place some boiling water in a bowl and hold the glass upside down just above the bowl, allowing the inside of the glass to steam up. Once you have enough steam, use your cotton blend drying cloth to wipe out the inside of the glass for a gleaming finish.

Flat weaved kitchen towels are ideal for drying cutlery and crockery. These options also don’t leave fluff behind, but offer good absorbency to remove any excess water left behind on your dishes. These can dry your plates, side plates and bowls quickly so you can pack them away leaving you with a clean and neat kitchen. Once finished, wipe down your counters using your terry cloth and your kitchen is ready for you to start your next meal with ease.

Ensure when buying kitchen towels that you purchase from a reputable supplier that has experience in the industry. When you have to buy four different options for your kitchen space, you want to ensure they are the highest quality, so you don’t have to replace them in the near future. It’s advisable to have a minimum of three of each type of towel, so you can always have clean ones on hand when you need them.

Wash your kitchen towels regularly, reducing the risk of bacteria spreading. The kitchen is one of the most dangerous areas in the kitchen, so take advantage of the high quality of the cloths you purchase and wash them after only using them once or twice. The more you wash the healthier your family will be.

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