After over a year of lockdowns and holiday chaos, more than half (57%) of Brits are dreaming of escaping the UK in favour of far-flung cultures.

However, due to travel confusion and safety concerns, nearly a fifth (23%) will stay close to home for the foreseeable. In fact, the majority of Brits (82%) will avoid any travel which would require quarantine, meaning that the nation’s top eat-list destinations are out of reach.

‘Bite-seeing’ is off the menu for most, with foodie favourites including USA (36%), Mexico (27%), Thailand (24%) and India (22%) all off-limits due to travel restrictions.

According to new research by recipe box company Gousto, many Brits have been trying to steer off culture cravings in their own kitchen, with half (46%) trying to cook new exotic dishes at home. However, a quarter (22%) are concerned that it won’t live up to the real thing.

The research also highlights how the age-old cliches of ‘fussy Brits abroad’ are long gone after over a year of being grounded on home turf. In fact, two-thirds of Brits (58%) said their favourite thing to do when on holiday is to discover new cultures through food.

No surprise then, that 69% of Brits say being adventurous with food is essential in a travel partner and a fifth (18%) of us wouldn’t want to travel with a picky eater.

And despite Brits traditionally being viewed internationally as having conservative palates, a third (34%) of Brits would be put off travelling with someone if they only wanted to eat British food abroad, and 31% would ditch someone whose palate didn’t extend beyond fast food.

Kathryn Huxtable, VP of Food Proposition at Gousto said: “It is definitely time we shake off the tired cliche of the British holidaymakers’ fussy palate. We see the nation’s love of variety and trying new things and after over 18 months of scuppered holiday plans, people are desperate for a taste of faraway travel and to experience exotic new flavours. Flavourlust will quell all these far-flung food cravings, without you having to consider red, amber or green lists.”

Helping Brits get their global foodie fix, the company is launching ‘Flavourlust’ in the Capital – a fully immersive two-day travel and food event, serving culinary experiences to travel starved Brits, exclusively from out-of-reach red list countries.

Inspired by far-flung regions of India, Brazil and Thailand, they have partnered with the pioneers of edible adventures, Flavourology, to bring the country’s favourite foreign flavours to London’s Hoxton Arches.

The nation’s foodies will be invited to join DJ Nick Grimshaw and Ambassador and Comedian Katherine Ryan to take their taste buds travelling and tuck into dishes from the world’s most iconic street food markets, through bustling bazaars, breezy beach shacks, tuk-tuks and food trucks.

With dishes like Indian-Style Vegetable Pakora Chaat with Green Chutney, Thai-Style Hat Yai Garlic Fried Chicken and Brazilian-Style Spicy Malagueta Prawns to discover, Brits can buckle up and go on a culinary adventure like no other.

Attending the first of the sessions, DJ Nick Grimshaw said: “Everyone who knows me will tell you I love food and I love travel, and I especially love trying new food when I travel. For me, immersing myself in a new culture is the best source of inspiration. After 18 months of lockdown, I am buzzing to be hosting Gousto’s Flavourlust event, where I can start exploring new food again and scratch that travel itch”

To grab tickets to this year’s ultimate bucket list destination, visit and get ready to explore the limited-edition Street Food range.

Visitors will also be among the first in the UK to try cocktails made from OPIHR Black Lemon Gin, the latest addition to the OPIHR spiced gin range, launching in the UK this month, before rounding off their culinary trip with sweet treats from chocolate mavericks Tony’s Chocolonely.

And for those who can’t attend in person, Gousto’s Flavourlust recipes will be available to order at until 28th September 2021 – making up one of over 60 Gousto recipes to choose from every week.

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