Peameal Canadian bacon might just be the tastiest breakfast meat you have eater and, it’s easy to make.
Luke Clayton

I’m always on the outlook for something ‘new’ to make my outside way of living additional exciting and pleasurable, and by this column, I have the chance to move alongside these tidbits of data. This kind of is the situation this 7 days. Have you ever heard of ‘peameal bacon’? I’m betting several of you have not. A very good good friend posed the similar concern to me a handful of weeks in the past, and my reply was a little something like, “What’s peas bought to do with bacon”? Allow me make clear!

Peameal bacon (also known as cornmeal bacon) is a sort of again bacon manufactured from lean boneless pork loin, remedied in a brine, and rolled in cornmeal. It was initially formulated by a Toronto ham and bacon curer, William Davies in the late 1800s who owned a huge pork processing and packing firm in Toronto. By the early 1900s, it was the greatest pork packer in the British empire, and it operated Canada’s to start with key chain of food items stores. One of Toronto’s longstanding nicknames, “Hogtown,” is attributable to the millions of pigs processed annually by the William Davies Corporation.