IKEA has launched a kitchen scraps cookbook dedicated to reusing waste we usually throw away – and, best of all, it can be downloaded for free.

Designed by IKEA Canada, the cookbook contains 50 recipes from top chefs showing how to cleverly transform food waste into culinary treasure. Some of the unique meal ideas include banana peel chutney, wilted smoothie, and a pulp burger made from wasted carrot ends, bruised apples and leftover ginger chunks.

The ScrapsBook — which can be downloaded via PDF or on Apple Books — has been designed to help us all live a little more sustainably.

IKEA Canada explain: ‘At IKEA, we believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. Unfortunately, it tends to be a wasteful place—but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’ve created the IKEA ScrapsBook—a cookbook dedicated to cooking with the little things we usually throw away. Featuring 50 recipes created in collaboration with chefs across North America and waste-saving tips, all designed to help you live a little more sustainably in your kitchen.’

preparing vegan meal, messy kitchen vegetables scraps in rural bowl  food waste ready to composting

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As well as recipes, readers will also find helpful kitchen advice, including how to regrow produce from chopped ends, using cucumber leftovers as an insect repellent, and how to use ground eggshells as a limescale cleaner. Whether you want to put your scraps to good use or start a compost heap, the cookbook is here to help.

Happy cooking!


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