Food preservations are the processes of preventing food spoilage and wastage. In preserving foods, maintaining nutritional content, texture and flavour are very important. Practicing food preservations prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microbes surviving in our food that causes the food spoilage and poisoning. Food preservations are the oldest technique in preserving different kinds of food. In order to survive, we have to learn different techniques in preserving food. This will lessen food shortage crisis all over the world.

There are many methods in food preservation like drying, canning, freezing, smoking, curing, salting, pickling, pasteurizing, fermenting, carbonating and jellying. Choose among the method which suits you best. There are also chemical preservatives commonly used in preservations such as benzoates, nitrates, sulphites and ascorbic acid to fully preserve our foods. In all of the techniques, canning is said to be cost effective and life extending food method that can lasts up to several years, when canned food is properly prepared. Proper canning, sterilizing and sealing are the main factors in preserving to make the food last longer.

Food preservations are difficult to do as what others believe, you see that all things that you are not yet familiar with is really hard to do at first, but if you carefully study it, it’s very simple and easy. Familiarizing yourself with the different methods of preservations is a great idea. Advantages and disadvantages of preserving food are important to know also. Knowing the factors like space, climate, equipments, costs and availability of food are very much important too. If you know all of these facts, you can easily begin preserving food by your own.

Food preservations has been a part of our lives ever since, especially nowadays, food crisis is getting worst. Food is very essential to us, without enough food you will get weak and even worst, die. That’s why many people are really trying hard to discover different sources of food and how to preserve them. As time passes by more and more new techniques and ways are being discovered in preserving food for it can save many lives today and for the future generation also.

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