Traditional British food has taken a few knocks over the last few decades, it has been criticised from all corners of the globe but it is now making a staggering comeback!

The problem we still have is trying to determine exactly hat is traditional British food. When it comes to meat we really have to look back through the ages and it is not hard to find some real classics and to realise why they are in such popular demand.

In London the meat pie has been a favourite family meal for literally hundreds of years, it has traditionally been filled with the less glamorous cuts of meat such as mutton and beef skirt and served with mash but as gourmet pie shops open up across the nation you are now just as likely to find it stuffed with venison and pheasant!

Head west and you enter pasty country, like the pie this pastry covered snack has wormed the hearts and filled the bellies of the hungry for hundreds of years. The difference is the Cornish pasty comes with strict instructions and although the debate still rages over the original recipe every Cornishman will tell you there is only one way to make it!

If you travel north then you will find one of the all time British classics; black pudding has never been more fashionable. Sold in Michelin stared restaurants and greasy cafes alike, no full English (or Irish) breakfast would be the same without this true British classic.

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