There are several large cities in the coastal region of Puglia, Italy, but some of the smaller towns have just as much to offer, especially when it comes to beautiful scenery. Travellers looking for a true Italian experience along its gorgeous shoreline should not miss the chance to journey to Porto Cesaro and stay in some of the best hotels in Puglia. This charming and quaint area is on the border of the Ionian Sea, offering calm waters and scenic views from both the town and its surrounding beaches. It is the ideal place to admire Italy’s rich history, interact with friendly locals, dine on culinary delights and simply immerse in the cultural wonders of such a vibrant destination.

Porto Cesaro is on the southernmost tip of the “boot” of Italy, boasting some of the most stunning hotels in Puglia along its iconic coast. Guests to the area can partake in a wide variety of daytime activities, then tuck into an authentic Italian meal and retreat to their cosy accommodations. It has a quiet, fishing village atmosphere and also offers travellers the chance to explore some surrounding islands for more sunning and swimming.

Planning a beach day in Port Cesaro

The biggest draw that brings in Italians and travellers alike is the town’s 17 kilometres of unspoilt beaches. The tropical side of the Mediterranean Sea gives beaches there a serene blue colour, especially in spots such as Punta Prosciutto. Clear, turquoise waves lap up against smooth sands, setting the stage for an unforgettable day at the beach. The rough vegetation on the dunes creates privacy as well and blocks the sand from harsh winds, creating a gentle environment.

The main beach of Porto Cesaro is also popular, largely due to the fact guests can swim and float to the neighbouring Rabbit Island. Aptly named, the island used to be overrun with wild bunnies and now is a favoured place for those staying in nearby hotels in Puglia to soak up the Mediterranean sun close to the mainland.

Porto Cesaro’s must-see attractions

Steeped in a history dating back hundreds of years, the locals of Porto Cesaro have taken pride in their past by protecting its best assets and landmarks. Visitors today can head to the towers of Porto Cesaro and Torre Lapillo, both of which were used to defend the town in times gone past and have amazing views of the ocean.

With a nod to the town’s rich coastal and nautical background, there is an oceanographic museum in the centre of Porto Cesaro open to guests who want to learn about local marine life. Not only are there exhibits for travellers to admire, this also is a hub for marine biologists to study plants and animals around the region and learn how to protect them. Besides the sea, there are two beautiful nature reserves in place to offer a local sanctuary for wildlife. One is a marshy area called the Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano (ideal for hiking), and also the Palude del Conte e Duna Costiera – a park filled with tall grasses, dunes and Mediterranean salt meadows.

For those staying in any of the wonderful and diverse hotels in Puglia, there is much to see and do. Porto Cesaro is just one picturesque location amongst a host of others to enjoy.

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