Central air conditioners are considered to be more efficient than room air conditioners. It is important to have the right size air conditioner to meet your home’s needs. Larger units, while thought to be generally more efficient, will not operate efficiently if they are over-sized. This will cause them to cycle on and off more frequently rather than running for longer, more efficient periods.

High efficiency units generally cost more, but these units can pay for themselves overtime by reducing your energy consumption, helping keep those bills lower. Newer air conditioning units can use up to half the electricity that older air conditioners use.

Helpful Tips to Help You Save Money

Homeowners can save money by setting the thermostat on the air conditioning unit at 25°C or higher. Each half-degree setting below 26°C will increase your energy consumption by approximately 8%. Keep the indoor and outdoor coils clean and free from dirt and dust build up, as this is the most common cause for poor efficiency. Be sure to check the refrigerant charge, if you are unable to do this, you may need a service contractor to check the fluid to adjust it properly for maximum cooling efficiency.

Other Tips to Help Keep Costs Down in Summer

To help keep costs down and help to keep cool in the summer months, try not using dish washing machines and other heat generating appliances until later in the evening as the temperatures cool down. Keep the house closed tight during the day, and shading the east and west windows in your home can help considerably to keep things cooler.

It is always important to have your unit maintained regularly by cleaning and replacing those air filters. A clean air filter means less air resistance for the air conditioner and makes a big difference in the air quality of your home.

Another good way to keep those costs down on your cooling bills is to refrain from cooling empty rooms. You can save money by turning off the unit when no one is home, and if you must keep the air conditioner running while you are away, use a timed thermostat to help instead of running the unit all day. It is not going to help by cranking the unit on maximum, as this will not cool a room in your home any faster.

The best and most efficient way to cool your home is to set the thermostat at 78F and give it time to cool down.

Heat Sources to Keep in Mind:

There are many heat sources around your home that can keep your air conditioner from running at peak performance, and steal your cool air. Incandescent light bulbs are one of those sources which give off heat; it is a good idea to switch to fluorescent bulbs or the more efficient LED light bulbs. Another common source of heat are those long, hot showers that raise the air temperature inside your home, and add humidity to the air which makes it feel even warmer. Just by trying a few of these helpful tips can save you substantial money in your wallet, and help to keep your home nice and cool this summer.

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